Truck Crane AK 48 / AK 48e

First fully electric steel-aluminium truck crane - also with Diesel PTO or as 400 V hybrid

The AK 48 truck crane scores with a wide range of drive concepts, its innovative mast system, outstanding speed and the latest control technology. Powerful, it lifts payloads of up to 3 t (opt. 6 t) and offers extension lengths of up to 49 m (opt. 52). It offers a reach of 28.5 m at 1 t with a lifting height of up to 31 m. As a working platform, the AK 48 is designed for large loads capacity of up to 600 kg. The powerful hydraulic system ensures rapid crane erection, a hook speed of 60 m/min and a high working speed.

The mast system, made of high-strength fine-grained structural steel, guarantees great stability, and enables a pioneering mast geometry. The mast can be erected completely vertically at a 90-degree angle to the vehicle. In addition, the over 14 m hydraulically extendable aluminium jib can erect in a 180-degree position with the joint fully extended. With the tower crane function, the crane telescopes loads directly into the building thanks to a right-angled jib position. Several variants are available when selecting the drive concept.

Sustainable drive technology

Built on a Mercedes eActros, the AK 48e as an electric crane starts a new era and shows that emission-free crane technology is already a reality today. As the first all-electric truck crane made of steel and aluminium, it travels to site exclusively battery-powered. The 27-tonner also operates purely electrically in crane and platform mode via the E-PTO auxiliary drive. Thanks to a powerful battery capacity of 336 kWh, the electric truck crane can cover distances of around 300 km without stopping to charge and reaches any construction site in the wider area. The range depends on the topography, the driver's behavior and the outside temperature. The charging time is also impressive. It takes just one hour and 15 minutes to fill the battery from 20 to 80 percent.

Alternatively, the AK 48 is also available as a 26-tonner with a conventional PTO combustion engine or as a hybrid with an additional 400 V electric motor. A sustainable stop-and-go automatic device limits power consumption and minimizes energy consumption. For a later retrofit of the e-drive, the crane can already be prepared with an eReady kit.

Böcker also attaches great importance to sustainability when operating via a combustion engine and uses the latest engine technology with exhaust gas cleaning and AdBlue injection. In addition, all cranes exclusively use durable, biodegradable hydraulic oil of the lowest water hazard class.

Performance Data 
Payload max. (kg)3.000 (optional 6.000)
Extension length max. (m)49 (optional 52)
Working height jib (m)34,7
Jib extendable (m)6,3 / 10,3 / 14,4
Jib payload (kg) 3.000 / 1.500 / 1000 
Main boom angles (Grad)90
Swivel range (Grad) endless
Jib angle approx. (Grad) 180
Lifting speed (m/min)60
Width supported on one side max. (m)4,23
Width supported on both sides max. (m)6,10
Vehicle data 
Height (m)3,99 
Width (m)2,55 
Length (m)10,89
Gross vehicle weight (kg)26 (27) 
Range crane operation (m) 
500 kg32,80 
1.000 kg28,50
2.000 kg19,60
3.000 kg15,40
6.000 kg  8,50
Range / working height for platform operation (m) 
with rotating basket 250 kg (PK 250-D)33,8 / 51,2
with rotating basket 350 kg (PK 350-D)29,5 / 45,7
with rotating basket 600 kg (PK 600-D)25,8 / 43,6
Range / working height for platform operation
with non-rotating basket (m)
34,5 / 51,1 at 250 kg
DriveE-PTO or Diesel PTO / 400 V hybrid

These are provisional specifications. We reserve the right to make technical changes. Specified values are maximum values.