Crane technology at your fingertips - CraneDays in Werne

After a break of two years due to Corona, the traditional Böcker CraneDays finally took place again in Werne on the last weekend in October. more


Third Böcker crane for Clees Bedachungen

AK 52 truck crane expands machine park more

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First Böcker truck crane for Eastern Crane Hire

UK rental company Eastern Crane Hire has taken delivery of its first Böcker cranes, a new AK 46/6000. more


Cranetastic unveiling for Fritz Bedachungen

Dach PRO celebrates new acquisition more


Three new Böcker cranes for Hofmann Kran-Vermietung

Since May 2021 three Böcker cranes at once have complemented the fleet of Hofmann Kran-Vermietung GmbH & Co. KG from Paderborn. more

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First Böcker truck crane for Dewsbury & Proud

UK rental company Dewsbury & Proud Ltd. has taken delivery of its first Böcker, a new AK 46/6000 aluminium truck crane. They have a second AK 46/6000 on order for delivery in the summer. more


ALP-Personnel-Lifts - Safely up to the ceiling

When working at airy heights, the lifts are a reliable substitute for ladders or rolling scaffolds. They offer great advantages especially for indoor use in halls. more


Laying tiles not lugging them

Inclined lifts transport tiles to the right floor, saving valuable time and energy more


Transport platform and scaffolding lift support building refurbishment

At the buildings of the residential park Gronau in Bergisch Gladbach, a comprehensive facade and balcony renovation was carried out. more


Second Böcker truck crane for Aland Bedachungen

In March, the vehicle and machine fleet of the roofing company Aland got an energetic reinforcement more


New AHK 30 KS rental crane in Stirob's fleet

The Böcker trailer crane AHK 30 KS will add well to the machinery of Stirob Baustelleneinrichtung. more


AK 46/6000 used for house building on new build sites in England

The strong aluminum crane with fully hydraulic jib lifts wooden frames onto the roof and the rear side of the house with ease. more


New truck-mounted crane AK 52 delivered to Esch & Scholzen

In mid-February, a brand-new Böcker truck-mounted crane AK 52 on a 4-axle vehicle made its way to the Eifel region in order to reinforce the team of the roofing company Esch & Scholzen. more


Installation of an Organ with the Trailer Crane AHK 30 KS

In the Wiblingen Basilica, the crane transported a total of 20 t of material for the new main organ to the gallery. more

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New Böcker AK 52 Truck Crane for DSM Contract Lifting

UK rental company DSM Contract Lifting based in Essex has taken delivery of a new AK 52 truck crane. more

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Rental company Cork Crane Hire receives Böcker Truck Crane

Cork Crane Hire based in Widnes, England, adds an AK 52 truck mounted crane to its fleet of machines. This is the first Böcker crane ever purchased by Cork Crane Hire.  more

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First Böcker Crane for Marsden Crane Services

UK rental company Marsden Crane Hire has taken delivery of a new AK 37/4000 aluminium truck crane. more


Truck crane helps with installation of 5G antennas

In the Netherlands, the AK 52 is used to retrofit transmitter masts for the new mobile communication standard. more


Christmas lottery for Böcker employees

Many thanks to all business partners who have given us such lovely gifts over the past few weeks. more


The AHK 36 in use at carpentry Brönnecke

The trailer crane easily transports timber frame walls, balcony roofing, dormers and other wooden structures to the back of the roof or onto the terrace. more


Trailer crane AHK 36 supports restoration of lighthouse

Off the coast of Norwalk in Connecticut, USA, the Böcker trailer crane AHK 36 is used for a repair and restoration project at Peck Ledge Lighthouse. more


Inclined Lift Junior handles windows without any effort

Equipped with a window platform that can be locked in tilting position the inclined lift conveys 86 kg heavy window elements to their installation point. more


Böcker AHK 36 lifts frame for church windows

Trailer crane AHK 36 helps with the installation of stained glass windows at St. Anne's Church in Connecticut more


New Böcker AK 46/6000 for DSM Contract Lifting

UK rental company DSM Contract Lifting has taken delivery of a new AK 46/6000 aluminium truck crane. more


Junior scaffold lift increases safety and productivity in large refinery

In most refineries, the scaffolding is an integral part of the daily work. Whether it is regular maintenance work such as inspections, secondary repairs like changing a flare tip or…