Technical developments at Böcker

Böcker stands for the highest quality and safety standards in lifting technology for more than half a century now. Our customers’ continuous satisfaction is not least based on the constant development of our products. Our goal is not only to meet, but exceed the needs of people who work with our machines every day. We have more than 30 technical development staff working with great dedication to break new ground and find innovative solutions for our customers.


Innovation lies at the heart of everything we do.

To make our cranes and lifts even more safe and efficient as well as to constantly set new standards in terms of usability, we do not only keep a close eye on the requirements of our customers, but also the latest scientific findings and technical achievements. How can we make our machines even lighter and more versatile? How can we design even more friendly user interfaces? Which innovations and modifications make the work our customers perform every day even more agreeable and effective? Our technical development team asks themselves numerous questions and develops creative ideas and solutions every day. True to our corporate philosophy, we always place people – whether it be our customers or our employees – at the centre of everything we do. Team building activities and around-the-table team meetings cater for unbureaucratic communication, the rapid flow of information and transparency. We allow every employee to contribute their thoughts and ideas to the innovation process.


High-tech tools for high-tech products

Innovative ideas are like grains of sand on a beach. Our technical development team uses the latest tools and analysis methods to filter out the best approaches in construction, hydraulics, drive technology as well as electrical and control technology in order to implement them professionally. A high-tech computer with 20 CPU cores and 10 TB of hard disk capacity is in use daily around the clock to help our experts calculate complex motion sequences and simulate the behaviour of innovative components and machines, such as material deformation and the tension on a crane mast when lifting heavy weights. Our test department performs extensive tests to translate these theoretical findings into practice.


This allows us to incorporate all eventualities into our product developments and guarantee an optimal result.

From the product to the software – At Böcker, you get everything from one source

Since the requirements that we place on our products and their ease of use are of the highest quality, we not only manufacture each component ourselves, our team also develops the hardware and software architecture and the user interfaces for our machines. This ensures that every idea behind an innovation finds its way to the customer directly, such as the remote maintenance of our products thanks to our BöckerConnect system. Clear and easy-to-understand operating manuals written by our team of technical writers facilitate the problem-free deployment of our machines on-site.