Furniture Lift Avario

Maximum performance and compact design

The Avario Furniture Lift equally combines the classical strengths of Böcker Furniture Lifts with compact design and surpassing performance. Payloads up to 400 kg as well as maximum extension lengths of up to 26 m turn this machine into one of the most powerful furniture lifts on the market. At the same time the Avario equally impresses by extremely compact dimensions and a minimum required space on-site. Moreover the low gross vehicle weight of only 1.9 t clearly improves transport characteristics compared to classical furniture lifts.

The compact and extremely stable rail package is the key advantage of the Böcker Avario Furniture Lift. The reduced dimensions ensure an equally reduced required space on site. Thanks to the retractable tow bar, the space can be reduced additionally, if necessary. The rail package is mounted with the head peace in the direction of the tow bar. So there is no overhanging rail package at the rear of the trailer anymore and the centre of gravity is clearly lower. This clearly improves the towing characteristics of the Avario compared to other furniture lifts.

So all in all the Avario is a sophisticated furniture lift which fulfils all daily requirements concerning performance and quality. The compact dimensions of the lift are at the same time ideally tailored to challenging operations on narrow sites. 

Model HD 26/1-7LH
Payload  400 kg
Gross vehicle weight 1,900 kg
Average lifting speed   50 m/min
Lift length 5,800 mm
Lift width 1,599 mm
Extendiblefrom - to  4.85 – 25.87 m

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