360° Height Days: Experience the first fully electric steel-aluminium truck crane AK 48e and sustainable cranes and lifts with innovative 230 V charging technology live!

AK 48e - First fully electric steel-aluminium truck crane

At the 360° Height Days, we will be showing pioneering new developments and presenting the first fully electric truck crane in steel-aluminium construction. The new AK 48e is not only completely electric in crane and platform operation; mounted on a Mercedes eActros, the 27-tonne truck also travels to the site exclusively battery-powered. With the AK 48e, we are entering a new era and proving that the electrification of powerful crane technology and the elimination of fossil fuels on the construction site are already possible today. The AK 48e already meets existing and future requirements for low-noise, locally emission-free and climate-neutral drive with regenerative energy. The new truck crane is not only available fully electric, it is also available as a diesel truck with PTO drive or in a hybrid version (as diesel plus 400 V electric motor). More


Sustainable 230 V cranes and lifts

In addition to the fully electrically powered electric crane, our 360° Height Days will focus on other new products that make sustainable work suitable for everyday use. The AK 37e truck crane, the AHK 36e trailer crane and the Junior 24e inclined lift show how simple and at the same time powerful emission-free operation can be thanks to 230 V electric motors. The easily available connection to a normal household socket enables permanent electric use on any building for the first time. The new developments work in a consumption-optimised manner and require significantly less energy than comparable devices. Their strong battery capacity also ensures long self-sufficient use even without an external power supply. The 230 V truck crane AK 37e can operate as a hybrid either in socket operation or use the conventional PTO combustion engine of the truck for power supply. More

AK 42 - Outstanding working speed, 180 degree joint position and tower crane function

The new AK 42 truck crane works faster than ever!  Thanks to its innovative mast profile made of ultra-high-strength fine-grained steel, scores with a high lateral stability for heavy loads, especially in the 1 t to 3 t range. With a maximum lifting capacity of 6 t and extension lengths of up to 42 m, the crane, for example, lifts 1.5 t to a range of 18 m at a height of 24 m. Thanks to the performance of the powerful hydraulic system which has been increased by up to 70%, the AK 42 operates at a significantly improved speed and is quickly ready for use and several crane functions can be controlled simultaneously at a constantly high speed.

For the first time a truck crane of this class can raise its mast completely vertically at a 90-degree angle to the vehicle. This is an advantage not only when working close to the facade. This innovative mast geometry is made possible by the newly developed telescopic mast system with an aluminium jib that can be extended hydraulically to a length of over 14 meters at a hight speed. The vertical positioning of the mast and the strong jib joint also enable the new tower crane function of the AK 42: when the main mast is vertical and the jib is in an approximately right-angled position to the mast, loads can be transported into the building by telescoping out. More

Welcome to our new production site!

Be there when we celebrate our 65th company anniversary on 16. - 17.06.2023 in Werne. We will present our new products for the first time in front of and in the new production halls on our expanded premises in Werne. In addition to our cranes, construction and furniture lifts, we will also show you our rack and pinion lifts, the new EasyUp, mini cranes, construction accessories as well as ALP lifts. Test your favourite device live on site in a construction site simulation and convince yourself of the advantages of our innovative technology during the product demonstrations in Werne. We look forward to seeing you!


Evening Event:

On Friday evening, we would also like to invite you to join us for food, drinks and music to round off the day.

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