Truck Crane AK 42/4000

The power package on a 16 t or 18 t truck

The truck crane 42/4000 combines maximum ranges and payloads up to 4,000 kg on a compact ruck of 16 or 18 tonnes. With a winch of 2 tonnes, the AK 42/4000 is able to lift up heavy loads. However, the strengths of the crane are its ranges. Even under a load of 1,000 kg, the crane reaches a range of 22 meters. Therefore, the AK 42/4000 is good for the ambitious roofer, carpenter or solar and metal installation builders. Being a versatile machine, the crane can surely be converted to a lifting platform within a short time.  

Thanks to the stable mast package made of aluminium, a precise settling of the load is guaranteed all the time. Like all the other models the crane retracts or telescopes quickly and safe even under load. By the design-related incredibly low swivel radius, working is easily possible in streets even with running traffic.

  • Hybrid
  • Bio hydraulic oil
  • Stop-and-Go-Automatic
Performance Data 
Payload max. (kg)2,000 (optional 4,000)
Extension length max. (m)42.00 
Working height jib (m)33.70
Jib extendable (m)4.55 / 6,79 / 8.90 
Jib payload (kg) 2,000 / 1,500 / 800 
Main boom angles (Grad)87
Swivel range (Grad) +/- 310 
Jib angle approx. (Grad) 157
Lifting speed (m/min)50
Support area L x W max. (m)6.28 x 5.55
Support area L x W to one side (m)   3.96 
Vehicle data 
Height (m)3.99 
Width (m)2.55 
Length (m)10.55 
Wheel distance (m)5.42
Gross vehicle weight (kg)16,000 / 18,000
Range crane operation (m) 
250 kg35.00
500 kg30.00
1,000 kg22.00
1,500 kg17.00
2,000 kg14.00 
4,000 kg8.20
Range platform Operation (PK 250-D / PK 250-1) (m) 
250 kg30.00 / 30.00
100 kg 33.00 /33.00
Working height platform operation (m)38.10 / 42.20
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Durability and environmental friendliness

  • Excellent cost efficiency due to low operating and servicing costs
  • Very safe investment due to higher than average value stability and the Böcker guarantee promise
  • Environmentally friendly due to biodegradable hydraulic oil and reduced petrol consumption

The mast and telescope system

  • Precise work thanks to the stability and torsional rigidity of the profiles
  • Sensitive and judder-free telescoping even with high loads and flat mast angles
  • Highest reaches even up to the back of the roof for effective work without having to relocate the crane due to the fully hydraulic extendible boom*

The support technology

  • Erection and work in the smallest spaces thanks to fully variable positioning of every individual outrigger
  • Fast and comfortable crane erection thanks to self-levelling and wireless colour remote control
  • Optimal crane stability and securing of the site
  • Greatest possible ground clearance through the large lift of the Outriggers

The operating concept

  • Particularly intuitive wireless remote control with full colour graphic display
  • Optimal erection without repositioning thanks to the constantly updated reach display
  • Efficient work thanks to concomitant operation of several crane functions
  • Diagnosis function as standard in the display
  • Optional hook camera with image transfer

BICS control

  • The software developed by Böcker warrants greatest possible flexibility and optimised reach in any situation while offering highest possible safety at the same time
  • Several software features create excellent operating comfort both in the fore- and background

The accessories

  • Multiple applications thanks to the large number of accessories on offer for every trade
  • Still exceptional payloads and reaches thanks to the consequent aluminium light-weight construction

The platform technology

  • Maximum flexibility through the combination of crane and platform technology
  • Thanks to the Easy-Lock-System swapped over with a ease
  • Several applications covered by different platform models
  • Highest work comfort thanks to automatic levelling and on-board electrics

The drive concept

  • Low fuel usage and maintenance requirements lead to reduced operating costs
  • Comfortable handling, one tank, one fuel, one refuelling process
  • Highest failure safety thanks to the battery-operated emergency control system

Unique design of turret and loading area

  • The small slewing radius makes it possible to erect the crane in the smallest of all spaces and with flowing traffic
  • Clever fixation system for Böcker accessories

Trend-setting environmental sustainability

  • Low fuel usage and low emissions
  • Can be operated in all environmental zones


*optionally available

  • Roof Tile Tongs

    Fast and efficient transport of roof tiles

  • Tipper Basket

    Leightweight and efficient

  • BöckerConnect

    Digital crane technology

  • Access platform PK 250-D

    Max. 2 persons and max. 250 kg load capacity

  • Access platform PK 250-1

    Max. 2 persons and max. 250 kg load capacity