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AK 42

New standards with innovative mast geometry

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Product description

Faster than all the rest! Thanks to its powerful hydraulic system, the AK 42 works at enormous speed and is quickly ready for use. Its innovative mast profile made of high-strength fine-grained steel also guarantees high lateral stability for heavy loads. With a lifting capacity of up to 3 tonnes (opt. 6 tonnes) and boom lengths of up to 42 m (opt. 45 m), the crane can move heavy loads a long way.

For the first time in a truck crane of this class, the AK 42 mast can be erected completely vertically at a 90° angle to the vehicle. Another highlight is the 180° position of the jib, which gives the crane additional height. With the tower crane function, loads can be transported horizontally into buildings by extending the crane. With a minimum outrigger width of 2.35 metres, the AK 42 is extremely compact and equipped with the latest generation of control technology.

  • Hybrid
  • Stop-and-Go-Automatic
  • Bio hydraulic oil

Your advantages

  • Outstanding speed

    The AK 42 performs all functions at enormous speed, is quickly ready for use and guarantees highly efficient work. The crane functions can even be controlled simultaneously at a constantly high speed.

  • Impressive range for high loads

    The AK 42 impresses with its high lateral stability and long range, especially for heavy payloads. For example, it transports a weight of 1.5 tonnes up to 18 metres and reaches a considerable height of 24 metres.

  • Hydraulically extendible jib

    The AK 42’s jib is hydraulic and extendible up to 14 metres under load. It can carry a weight of up to one tonne even in horizontal and extended position.

  • Completely vertical mast position

    The option of erecting the crane mast at a 90° angle to the carrier vehicle opens up new ways of working. This mast position is also a great advantage when working close to the façade.


  • 180° extension of the jib joint

    The 180° jib joint position extends the AK 42’s possible uses, while also optimising its range. Ideal for platform operation in confined spaces, for picking up loads close to the crane or for reaching remote locations over buildings.

  • Innovative tower crane function

    The strong jib joint enables the tower crane function of the AK 42. The mast is perpendicular to the vehicle and the jib is positioned at 90° to the mast. This allows the AK 42 to be used like a tower crane and extended horizontally.

  • Impressive outrigger lift

    The well-designed outriggers allow a large ground clearance and raise the truck crane by 85 cm. The AK 42 is therefore extremely stable even on sloping ground.

  • Smart control technology

    The latest generation of control technology makes operating the AK 42 easy and safe. Including reach preview during crane set-up, self-levelling, automatic rope tracking, limitation of the slewing and erection angle, automatic start-up of the tower crane function and go-home function.

  • Powerful as an aerial work platform

    As an aerial work platform, the AK 42 is compatible with all current Böcker access platforms. This turns a truck crane into a powerful work platform with a payload capacity of up to 600 kg in next to no time.

  • Well thought-out large loading platform

    The AK 42 has a spacious loading platform with fully folding side walls for transporting tools and construction materials. The load is secured flexibly using lashing rails. The fixing system makes loading easier and saves time.

Work Chart

Technical Data

Performance DataAK 42
Payload max. (kg)3,000 (opt. 6,000)
Extension length max. (m)42.00 (opt. 45.00)
Working height jib (m)27.5
Jib hydraulically extendable (m)6.3 - 14.4 (opt. 17.4)
Jib payload (kg) 3,000 - 1,000 (500)
Main boom angles (degrees)90
Swivel range (degrees) endless
Jib angle approx. (degrees) 180
Lifting speed (m/min)60
Support area L x W min. (m)6.31 x 2.35
Support width supported on one side max. (m)4.23
Support width supported on both sides (m)   6.10
Vehicle data 
Height (m)3.99
Width (m)2.55
Length (m)MAN 10.63
Wheel distance (m)5.08
Gross vehicle weight (kg)18.000
Range crane operation (m) 
500 kg28.00
1.000 kg23.40
2.000 kg15.20
3.000 kg11.40
6.000 kg  5.70
Range / working height for platform operation (m) 
with rotating basket 250 kg (PK 250-D)29.0 / 42.8
with rotating basket 350 kg (PK 350-D)24.7 / 38.6
with rotating basket 600 kg (PK 600-D)21.2 / 36.5
Range / working height for platform operation
with non-rotating basket (m)
29.7 / 42.8 at 250 kg
DrivePTO / 400 V hybrid

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