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Modular plug-in furniture lift

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Product description

The Top-Lift is a particularly light, flexible and economical lift for furniture transport. As a modular, extendable ladder lift, it impresses above all with its simple installation and high transport speeds. The lightweight aluminium rails are quickly connected without tools and the 230 V electric drive unit is conveniently hooked into the base rail from the front. The low weight of the furniture lift and the locking mechanism with quick-release fasteners provide additional convenience.

The Top-Lift transports furniture, inventory and all types of removal goods up to 250 kg with each ascent or descent. The basic version reaches heights of 12.20 m and can be extended with additional extension rails up to a maximum transport height of 20 m. During transport, it impresses with its high level of comfort and safety for the loaded freight. Thanks to the variable speed control with soft start function, the lift accelerates continuously up to a maximum speed of 36 m/min. In addition to operation via a cable hand control on the ground, the furniture lift can also be controlled at the head piece. The Top-Lift is available with a stable, extendable furniture platform as standard.

  • Electric motor

Your Advantages

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    Tailored for furniture transport

    Specially developed for the removals industry, the extendable furniture platform provides enough space for bulky items. A large, flat transport surface is created by folding down and inserting the sturdy side panels. The appropriate platform tilt is adjusted via telescopic supports. An optional rotating furniture platform is also available.

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    Set up and ready for use in no time at all

    The lightweight rail system of the Top-Lift is made of aluminium and excels in its low weight while maintaining highest stability. This enables swift assembly and setup of the furniture lift. The maintenance-friendly drive unit simply hooks onto the front of the base rail.

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    Variable operation from top or ground

    The compact transport assistant can be operated from the ground via a convenient hand switch. It is connected to the lift's drive unit via a 5-meter-long, plug-in electrical cable. Equally convenient is the control located at the head of the lift, directly accessible from the upper floor.

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    Safety is always highest priority

    For maximum operational safety, the carriage is equipped with a safety brake that prevents the load from falling. In addition, large footplates and the included standard tubular support ensure the stable positioning of the practical moving assistant.

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    Durability thanks to high quality manufacturing

    The durable use of the Top-Lift furniture lift over many years is guaranteed by the use of high-quality components and materials. Furthermore, the slack rope safety device of the drive unit enhances the lifespan of the traction rope.

Technical Data

ModelTop-Lift 236 MV
Payload (kg)250
Lifting height (m)20
Lifting speed (m/min)0 – 36
Motor capacity (kW)1.3
Length wire rope (m)44

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