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AK 52

Unrivalled strength with a small footprint

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Product description

With an extension length of 52 m (opt. 55 m), the AK 52 is the largest of the Böcker cranes. With a payload of up to 12 t, it’s also the strongest steel-aluminium truck crane. Available in the 26-tonne class as a 3-axle vehicle or in the 32-tonne class as a 4-axle vehicle, its ranges are impressive. At a height of 30 m, the crane lifts a weight of 3 tonnes to a sensational 18.5 m. The 14 m jib, which can be fully hydraulically extended using the radio control unit with colour display, can carry a weight of up to one tonne, even when horizontal and extended.

Despite its excellent performance data, the AK 52 also offers outstanding driving and manoeuvring characteristics thanks to its steered rear axle. With its compact design and extremely small slewing radius, it can also be used flexibly in confined spaces. This combination of compactness and strength is unrivalled.

  • Bio hydraulic oil

Your advantages

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    Strongest steel-aluminium truck crane

    The AK 52 is a real powerhouse, able to lift huge loads! High-performance cylinder technology, a powerful drive, the sophisticated design and the highest-quality materials guarantee outstanding performance data.

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    Unrivalled small slewing radius

    Even when the maximum range is utilised, the slewing radius remains as narrow as 2.2 m. The a-frame only protrudes 0.9 m beyond the contour of the carrier vehicle, as the AK 52 does not require extendable counterweights. Ideal for narrow construction sites or work at the side of the road!

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    Incredible 12 tonne payload thanks to 4-fall operation

    In 4-fall operation, the AK 52 truck crane makes use of the physical principle of the pulley block to lift large loads of up to 12 tonnes intelligently and safely.

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    Set-up on three or four axles

    When choosing the right carrier vehicle, the mobile truck crane is available either as 26-tonner with 3 axles or as 32-tonner with 4 axles. The optional additional ballast also reduces the support surface of the 4-axle trailer while maintaining the same range.

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    Countless possibilities as platform

    The AK 52 is not only used for lifting loads. Thanks to the large selection of compatible access platforms, it is also perfect for working safely at great heights with load capacities of up to 600 kg in platform mode. The Easy-Lock system allows conversion to be carried out in a few simple steps.

Work Chart

Technical Data

Performance dataAK 52
Payload max. (kg)3,000 (opt. 6,000 /12,000)
Extension length max. (m)52.00 (opt. 55.00)
Working height jib (m)38
Jib hydraulically extendable (m)6.3 - 14.3 (opt. 17.3)
Jib payload (kg) 3,000 - 1,000 (500)
Main boom angle (degrees)85
Swivel range (degrees) endless
Jib angle approx. (degrees) 160
Lifting speed (m/min)45
Support area L x W min. (m)6.89 x 2.34
Support width supported on one side max. (m)4.37 / 5.17
Support width supported on both sides max. (m)6.40 / 8.00
Vehicle data 
Height (m)3.99
Width (m)2.55
Length (m)11.32
Wheel distance (m)4.425 (1.35)
Gross vehicle weight (kg)26,000 / 34,000
Range crane operation (comfort basket 600 kg)(m) 
250 kg43.00
500 kg40.00
1,000 kg34.00
2,000 kg24.00
3,000 kg18.5
6,000 kg10.00
12,000 kg5.00
Range / working height for platform operation (m) 
with rotating basket 250 kg (PK 250-D)37.5 / 53.0
with rotating basket 350 kg (PK 350-D)33.0 / 51.0
with rotating basket 600 kg (PK 600-D)30.0 / 51.0
Range / working height for platform operation
with non-rotating basket (m)
37.5 / 53.0 at 250 kg

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