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AK 46

Strong aluminium crane for maximum efficiency

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Product description

With a payload of up to 6 tonnes and a boom length of 44 m, the AK 46 truck crane offers a powerful combination of performance, range and efficiency. The boom length can be extended to a maximum length of 46 metres, if required. With a range of 39 m at 250 kg, the truck crane offers an extremely large working area.

In addition to this impressive performance data, the AK aluminium crane is impressive in general use due to its high degree of manoeuvrability. The comparatively low weight allows the body to be mounted on a 26 tonne truck with three axles and a steered trailing axle. This makes the AK 46 particularly manoeuvrable and provides impressive handling.

  • Hybrid
  • Stop-and-Go-Automatic
  • Bio hydraulic oil

Your advantages

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    Extremely large working area

    The AK 46 opens up an almost circular working area. It can lift a suspended load of 1 tonne, for example, a distance of 26 m, reaching almost any location with pinpoint accuracy in day-to-day work.

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    Efficiency meets high manoeuvrability

    The AK 46 truck crane is impressive with high payloads of up to 6 tonnes and a boom length of up to 46 metres. At the same time, its lightweight construction on a truck with three axes and steered trailing axle makes it very manoeuvrable. A successful combination of range and compact design!

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    Maximum safety and comfort

    The intuitive radio control unit with colour display and optional camera technology ensures simple and safe operation of all crane functions. A diagnostic function via the display is also included as standard.

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    Available with sustainable drive technology

    The AK 46 is optionally available as a 400 V hybrid crane with additional 30 kW electric motor. Low-emission and low-noise operation is a major advantage, especially in densely populated areas.

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    Conversion to fully-fledged aerial work platform

    Thanks to the Easy-Lock system, the AK 46 can be converted into an aerial work platform in just a few simple steps to lift people safely to heights. It is designed for load capacities of up to 350 kg.

Work Chart

Technical Data

Performance dataAK 46
Payload max. (kg)3,000 (opt. 6,000)
Extension length max. (m)44.00 (opt. 46.00)
Working height jib (m)33.00
Jib extendable (m)5.28 / 8.14 / 11.00
Jib payload (kg) 3,000 - 800 / (400)
Main boom angle (degrees)85
Swivel range (degrees) +/- 310
Jib angle approx. (degrees) 162
Lifting speed (m/min)45
Support area L x W min. (m)6.50 x 2.36
Support width supported on one side max. (m)6.10
Support width supported on both sides max. (m)   4.23
Vehicle data 
Height (m)3.99
Width (m)2.55
Length (m)MAN 10.49 / DB 10.66
Wheel distance (m)depends on the truck
Gross vehicle weight (kg)18,000 / 26,000
Range crane operation (m) 
250 kg38.00 (39.00)
500 kg34.50
1,000 kg26.00
2,000 kg17.70
3,000 kg13.50
6,000 kg8.00
Range / working height for platform operation (m) 
with rotating basket 250 kg (PK 250-D)33.1 / 43.3
with rotating basket 350 kg (PK 350-D)28.0 / 40.0
Range / working height for platform operation
with non-rotating basket (m)
34.3 / 46.0 con 250 kg
DrivePTO / 400 V hybrid / eReady-Kit

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