Inclined Lift Avario

Compact and powerful at the same time

The construction lift Avario HD 27 K is the compact and powerful all-round machine among the Böcker lifts. Having a gross vehicle weight of only 1.9 t, this trailer-mounted construction lift impresses by efficient working speeds and a maximum loading capacity of 270 kg. The Böcker Avario reaches maximum lifting heights of 27 meters and equally impresses by a maximum height to the cullis of 20 meters.

The legendary integrated knee joint is of course part of the standard equipment of the HD 27K. The rails of this lift can be optimally adjusted to virtually any kind of inclined roof thanks to the extremely variable adjustment range.

The rail profile of the HD Avario is an essential part of the lift. Its high-strength W-profile provides maximum payloads. At the same time these rails, made of aluminium, are extremely lightweight and compact. As a consequence, the Avario HD 27K combines compact and lightweight design with performance data of large construction lifts. 

Outstanding due to its unique profile

Thanks to these characteristics the lift offers essential advantages particularly on narrow construction sites. The towing bar is retractable so that the required space on site can be further reduced. For precise positioning on-site to the very last centimetre, a manoeuvring drive is available upon request. The rail package of the HD 27K is also mounted on the trailer chassis with the head piece in the direction of the tow bar. Without annoying rear overhang and with noticeably improved centre of gravity, the Avario becomes a reliable partner even in road traffic.

Model HD 27 K / 0-7
Payload 270 kg
Average speed of carriage 50 m/min
Vehicle length 5,950 mm
Vehicle width 1,600 mm
Length of rail package 5,000 mm
Maximum length to cullis 20,300 mm
Maximum length on the roof  6,800 mm
Maximum length without inclination 23,200 mm
Gross vehicle weight* 1,900 kg

*The dead weight is lower and depends on the equipment.

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The benefits at a glance

  • With 27.1 m great lifting height
  • 270 kg payload enable an effetive transport of materiel 
  • Economical, powerful Honda drive unit with low consumption
  • Large tank for long oprating times
  • Lifting speed of up to 50 m/min ensures fast processes
  • All engine functions operated externally, no need to remove the hood
  • Chassis in special protective coating (nova grey) and with particularly low centre of gravity to ensure maximum driving stability 
  • Integrated knee joint with lage range of adjustement for optimum adapation to each roof slope
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