Furniture Lift Top-Lift

Compact, leightweight and cost-effective

The Top-Lift is the lightweight and economical Böcker furniture lift. At the same time, the lift particularly impresses by fast transport and simple set up. The lightweight aluminium rails are screwed together quickly and due to the extremely low dead weight the whole construction can be positioned without any problems. The drive unit is conveniently hooked in from the front. The low dead weight and the automatic lock improve convenience additionally.

Böcker Top-Lift is available with three different drive units, each with a maximum lifting capacity of 250 kg. The model 200 M1 reaches lifting speeds of 34 m/min whereas the Top-Lift 200 M2 can either be operated at 20 or 40 m/min. The top model, Top-Lift 236 MV, additionally impresses by a high degree of convenience. Due to the variable speed control of the furniture lift, the carriage can be accelerated continuously up to a maximum speed of 36 m/min. Beside the operation by a hand held cable control the 236 MV is also equipped with the control panel at the head piece for operation from the top end.

Beside the basic model including a base rail of 2 metres, all Top-Lift models are also available as a complete package. Equipped with six extension rails in total, these models have a maximum lifting height of 13.30 m and additionally impress by a comprehensive standard equipment. The basic model as well as the complete package can be equipped with further extension rails up to a total lifting height of 20 metres.

Solid furniture platforms

The Top-Lift has a solid furniture platform as standard feature. Folding the side panels results in a large and plane transport platform that lifts even bulky objects without any problem. Revolving and extendable furniture platforms are available as optional features.

Model Top-Lift 200 M1 Top-Lift 200 M2 Top-Lift 236 MV
Payload  200 kg 200 kg 250 kg
Lifting height 20 m 20 m 20 m
Lifting speed 34 m/min 20/40 m/min 0 – 36 m/min
Motor capacity  1.3 kW 1.3 kW 1.3 kW
Length wire rope 44 m 44 m 44 m

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