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Böcker cyclists prove their endurance

A total of 9,356 kilometres cycled, 1,553 kg of CO2 saved and over 700 journeys in just three weeks. Team Böcker's record in this year's STADTRADELN is impressive! After the starting signal on 5 May 2024, we took part in the nationwide campaign together with 29 other teams from the city of Werne.

The best cycling weather during the campaign period invited people to leave their cars at home and get on their bikes. Even after work or at the weekend, the number of kilometres increased on a longer tour. With 45 active cyclists, we collected the most kilometres in the company ranking and secured first place in this category with a large lead.

The ranking within our team remained exciting right to the end. In the first two weeks in particular, the group lead changed hands several times. In the third week, Dennis Fehn took the lead of the Böcker team and ended up in first place with 1,062 kilometres.

The first-placed cyclist was delighted with his success and can now cycle in a Böcker shirt: "I had a lot of time to cycle during the campaign and got to know some very interesting new routes, including as far as Datteln and Unna. My father works at Böcker and I had a good experience here a few years ago during a holiday job, so I wanted to push the team. My ambition got the better of me in the last week in particular. I really enjoyed riding for the team." We would like to thank everyone who cycled with us for their support and their contribution to climate protection!

We will be taking part in the STADTRADELN event again next year and look forward to many participants on two wheels!

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