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Second life for toner cartridges

Recently, on the initiative of our waste management officer Björn Overmann, CaritasBoxes have supplemented the collection points already set up at a total of five locations in Production Planning and Purchasing, Human Resources, IT, the Technical Office and the main magazine as a central point for all production areas.




Used toner cartridges and ink cartridges are collected in the boxes instead of being disposed of as residual waste, as previously handled. The contents of each collection box are then processed and recycled. In most cases, printer cartridges can be refilled and used several times.  Labeled as "refill," these cartridges are put back on the market and save valuable raw materials and energy-intensive production processes, such as the manufacturing of aluminum components in toner cartridges. This solution not only reduces the burden on the environment, but the proceeds also benefit Caritas' social projects. Since 2006, more than 709,793 euros have been donated to social projects that support people in need.