Inclined Lift Scaffolding lift Junior G

The compact, versatile and agile scaffolding lift

For many years the Böcker Junior construction lift stands for power even under adverse conditions. It was developed specifically for use on narrow construction sites. Böcker offers the proven inclined lift now with a special developed platform for the scaffolding. Agile, compact and easy in handling the new Junior G transports among other things frames, toe boards and diagonals, but also small parts such as scaffolding clamps securely to the desired height. 

Height transports play a decisive role in the area of the construction site logistics. To save time and costs, fast, simply and flexibly usable solutions that guarantee longevity and safety are in demand. The Böcker Junior construction lift combines precisely this requirement and ensures the effective material handling especially on narrow construction sites. For use on scaffolding, the approved production series was developed further now. The new Junior G has an especially designed platform which can be hooked directly into the rails - without an additional slide. The platforms floor is characterised in particular by its carrying capacity and wear resistance. The use of a corrugated plate makes this possible. 

Among other things, the platform has additional holders for scaffold tubes. In addition, shelves allow also the transport of small parts. Since the lift can be laid out in every desired height, the unloading is possible from an ergonomically good position.

Sustainable drive technology

The Junior G is optionally available as a hybrid lift with an additional electric motor. Particularly in densely populated areas, the low-emission and quiet operation provides excellent advantages. The 230 V drive works as powerfully as usual with an output of 2.6 kW. If there is no power supply on-site, the hybrid lift can optionally be operated via the Honda combustion engine. This is where the latest engine technology with low fuel and oil consumption is used. The engines meet the world's strictest exhaust emission regulations. Upon request, the Junior is also available as a fully electric version with a 2.6 kW 230 V electric motor instead of the classic petrol engine.

  • Electric drive
  • Hybrid
ModelHD 18/0-5HD 18/0-5HD 21/0-6HD 18/0-5HD 21/0-6HD 24/0-7
Brakeunrakedbrakedbrakedbraked braked braked
Payload max. (kg)200 / 250200 / 250200 / 250200 / 250200 / 250200 / 250
Extension length (mm)4,0904,1654,1654,1654,1654,165
Vehicle width (mm)870890890890890890
Length of the rail package (mm)4,0054,0054,0054,0054,0054,005
Extendibe from - to (m)4.1 – 17.84.1 – 17.84.1 – 20.94.1 – 17.84.1 – 20.94.1 – 23.7
Gross vehicle weight (kg)7507507501,1001,1001,200

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