Furniture Lift Arriva

Strong and reliable

The Arriva is the classic among the product range of BÖCKER furniture lifts. The models equally combine progress and experience. The contemporary edition of the Arriva is the result of continuous and consistent improvement in the field of furniture-lift technology. A rail package made of solid aluminium profiles and an extremely robust chassis result in an already legendary durability of the Arriva series.

The Arriva is one of the most powerful furniture lift thanks to its maximum payload of 300 kg (version Standard) or 400kg (version Maxi) respectively. Powered by strong Honda engines, loads can be lifted with carriages speeds of up to 60 m/min. Maximum extendible lengths vary from 26 and 37 metres depending on the model. 

Furniture lift Arriva: Convenient and versatile

Maximum convenience is the third big strength of the Arriva. The furniture lifts impress particularly by their extremely low loading height. As a result, convenient and gentle loading of the furniture platform becomes self-evident. The optional manoeuvring drive of the Arriva additionally ensures convenient and exact positioning on-site.

Different furniture platforms are available for the Arriva series as well. The models have a standard platform with plug-in lateral walls. Extendible and rotating platforms are available as optional feature. Furthermore a gas-spring supported adjusting spindle is available which can be infinitely adjusted between 17 and 87 degrees.

Model HD 26 / 1-6 LH HD 30 / 1-7 LH HD 30 / 2-8 LH HD 34 / 1-8 LH HD 37 / 2-8 LH
Payload Standard/ Maxi 300 kg/400 kg 300 kg/400 kg 300 kg/400 kg 300 kg/400 kg 300 kg/400 kg
Avrage speed of carriage  45 m/min 45 m/min 45 m/min 45 m/min 45 m/min
Vehicle length  7,150 mm 7,200 mm 7,200 mm 7,250 mm 8,550 mm
Vehicle width 1,650 mm* 1,650 mm* 1,760mm* 1,760 mm* 1,760 mm*
Length of the rail package  5,360 mm 5,415 mm 5,415 mm 5,570 mm 5,570 mm
Extendible from - to 5.4 - 25.8 m 5.4 - 29.8 m 5.4 - 29.8 m 5.5 - 33.1 m 6.8 - 36.5 m
Gross vehicle weight  1,800 kg* 1,800 kg* 2,240 kg* 2,240 kg* 2,240 kg*

*2,300 kg with manoeuvring drive and wheels 215/75 R 16 C (Width 1,850 mm)

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