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Digital crane technology

Digital crane technology – The smart customer portal BöckerConnect

The new, smart customer portal BöckerConnect of Böcker Maschinenwerke GmbH leaves no questions unanswered! It provides crane owners with online and real time information on their vehicle fleet presenting all relevant data of the networked cranes at a glance. After the personal log-in the user obtains an overview of the current status and the location of his cranes. A detailed view provides the master data and the performance data of every crane. To consider and evaluate the use of the equipment in detail statistics on the patterns of use of the specific machines can be called up.

In addition to the visualisation and evaluation of the equipment data, the portal notifies the user of pending inspection dates or events. Technical documents, such as data sheets, operating instructions or maintenance schedules as well as the contact details of the direct contact persons are also saved centrally.

Moreover, the new online platform enables the user to view the current position of his cranes at any time. As soon as the cranes leave a previously defined activity range he receives a configurable theft report via e-mail. In addition, thanks to the location determination via GPS, it is possible to keep track of the route taken by the equipment.

The networked cranes are equipped with an integrated remote maintenance module for the data collection, which transmits the information via a mobile network to a central cloud to be accessed by the user individually via the customer portal. The continuously transmitted diagnostic data and sensor values as well as the service history saved in the portal enable the Böcker customer service to carry out a detailed remote maintenance and a sound technical support.


  • Current overview of all machine data available via customer portal
  • GPS location determination and theft alerts freely configurable
  • Diagnostic function for remote maintenance minimizes machine downtimes