The ideal lift for all permanent applications up to 200 meters, 2,500 kilograms and up to 33 persons. Two powerful motors ensure smooth running and low wear.

AHK 30

The trailer crane AHK 30 convinces by flexible and efficient use. 30 m extension length, fully variable support control, for loads up to 1,500 kg.


The ALP assembly lift LMW has a special chassis and is especially suitable for mounting on a wall. Made in Germany.

Super-Lift MX 2024

Extremely variable rack and pinion lift. Fully modular platform concept. Perfect for any construction site to transport material and people.


The efficient ALP personnel lift has a lift truck for mobile use. Perfect for maximum performance in confined spaces. Made in Germany.

MK 300/ MK 400

The mini crane offers physical relief and precise working. The powerful drive enables high payload and working height with easy operation.

AK 37/4000

High payloads, long extension lengths and simple control - our AK 37/4000 truck-mounted crane is perfect for roofers, facade builders or carpenters.

AK 36/4000

Maximum reach mounted on a 11,99 t truck. Fast and safe telescoping perfect for work of roofers or carpenters.

Permanent Construction Lift

Modular rack and pinion elevators for permanent installation in industrial plants. Reliable and safe transport, made in Germany.

Easy-Up 200

This elevator is designed for permanent installation and is very suitable for inspections, maintenance and repairs. Maximum lifting height 400 m!


Small, inexpensive and extremely powerful! The ALP assembly lift ML offers a lot of performance for little money. Made in Germany.

AK 42

The new Böcker AK 42 truck crane works faster than ever and, thanks to its innovative mast profile made of ultra-high-strength fine-grained steel, scores with a high lateral stability for heavy loads, especially in the 1 t to 3 t range.


Usable inside and outside, large payloads and working height. This is what the Böcker ALP Personnel Lifts offer. Easy to assemble and quickly ready for use.

AHK 30 KS / AHK 30e KS

1,500 kg payload, extension length up to 30 m, powerful self-propelled drive. Flexible with folding swivel outriggers and autonovelling. With gasoline or diesel engine.

AHK 36 / AHK 36e

Personnel safety mode, 36 m extension length, 2,400 kg payload. Our strongest trailer crane made of aluminum and steel handles every task with ease.

RK 36/2400

Nothing stops the RK 36/2400 - not even gravel, sand or grass. The crawler undercarriage provides traction while lifting payloads up to 2.4 t.


Low dead weight and small dimensions for great ease of use. Payload and working height are right for small and large projects. Made in Germany.

Super-Lift MX 1024 Super-Lift MX 1024

This space-saving transport platform transports persons and material on the construction site. The rack and pinion lift is particularly efficient and powerful.


One of the strongest ALP personnel lifts in its class. 14 m working height, 135 kg payload. Powerful and safe up to high heights. Made in Germany.

UNI-Lift PHC 1000 EU

The ALP-Person-Lift is ideal for installation between rows of seats and in case of floor slopes. Whether in the theater, cinema, auditorium - ceiling work with the Uni-Lift.


The plug-in furniture elevator is available in three versions. Maximum lifting height of 20.3 m, payload up to 250 kg and carriage speed up to 40 m/min.


After personal login, the user gets an overview of the status, position and performance data of his cranes.

E-drive / eReady-Kit

The additional electric drive, which turns the truck-mounted crane into a hybrid crane, ensures extremely low-noise and low-emission operation when used in cities or residential areas, for example.


Working heights up to 4 m are made possible by the IXO-Lift. Easy handling, light weight and maximum stability in one lift.


The plug-in ladder lift is available in three versions. Maximum lifting height of 20.3 m, payload up to 250 kg and carriage speed up to 40 m/min.


The extensive range of accessories for the ALP-Personnel-Lifts of Böcker leaves virtually nothing to be desired. However, special constructions pose no problem to us.


This furniture elevator is characterized by simple operation and robust construction. 250 kg payload and up to 20.6 m extension length, transportable as trailer.


The Junior furniture elevator is strong and compact. Almost 24 m extension length and fits folded through a standard door. Suitable for every move.

Junior 24e

Sustainable work becomes easier than ever with this market innovation: The Junior 24e battery-operated electric furniture lift will in future get charged at any household socket and, thanks to the powerful battery, will also work in places without any power connection.


Lifts payloads up to 400 kg and has an extension length up to 26 m. The furniture elevator is moved as a trailer and scores with low space requirement at the place of operation.

Super-Lift S 225 Super-Lift S 225

The ideal construction hoist for economical and safe material transport on the construction site. Powerful with high payload and high lifting height.


The furniture elevator Arriva is strong, reliable and durable. Low loading height and optional self-propelled drive with high payload and lifting height.

Super-Lift Z 320 / Z 330 Super-Lift Z 320 / Z 330

Compact and powerful rack and pinion lift for every construction site. Transport of large and small building material thanks to high payload and lifting height.


The truck-mounted furniture elevator offers high working speeds, payloads and extension lengths. Perfect for moves that have to go fast.


This construction hoist is characterized by simple operation and robust construction. 250 kg payload and up to 20.6 m extension length, transportable as trailer.


The construction hoist convinces by compact dimensions with high payload and long extension lengths. Developed for narrow construction sites, such as renovations in narrow alleys.


This powerful construction hoist convinces with high working speed at high payload and extension length. Perfect for roofers and carpenters.

Scaffolding lift Junior G

The construction hoist Junior G is perfectly suited for scaffolding construction! Maneuverable and compact, it transports scaffolding elements with the specially developed flatbed.

Super-Lift LX Super-Lift LX

Transport up to seven persons and material with the Super-Lift LX transport platform. Two powerful motors for high speed, height and payload.

Super-Lift LX-PM

The Super-Lift LX-PM construction hoist transports loads weighing up to 2,600 kg and can accommodate up to 25 people. It reaches a lifting height of up to 200 m.

Maxi-Climber Maxi-Climber

This construction hoist is wonderfully suitable for complex facade works. 35 m platform length and 6 t payload. So every renovation or cleaning is mastered.

AK 46/6000

This truck crane offers an extension length of up to 46 m with fully hydraulically extendable jib, payloads of up to 6,000 kg and a maximum of safety.

AK 52

Our most powerful truck crane. The AK 52 lifts payloads of up to 12 t and offers extension lengths of up to 55 m. Can be used in the tightest of spaces.


The space-saving ALP assembly lift is particularly suitable for assembly work at heights up to 6.30 m. Made in Germany.

Böcker ALP Montage Lift LMS

LM S 4.2

The Böcker LM S4.2 ALP-Material-Lift is the classic among the installation lifts. Heavy installation work becomes child's play with it. Made in Germany.


Compact and extra powerful. Our strongest ALP assembly lift with aluminum profile has compact dimensions and even fits through a door.

LH S4.2

The ALP assembly lift is hydraulically driven, making it efficient and powerful at the same time. Lightweight aluminum construction made in Germany.

Construction Winches

For lifting all types of loads. Various models with high load capacity, fast conveying speed and large conveying heights.


The extensive range of accessories for the ALP-Material-Lifts of Böcker leaves virtually nothing to be desired. However, special constructions are possible.

Accessories and Platforms

With Böcker crane technology you will go far, with the matching Böcker accessories even further! For decades, we have been in close exchange with our customers in order to optimally adapt our cranes to the specific needs of the individual trades.


The large range of accessories for the Böcker wall technology simplifys each operation.

Tipper Basket

Tipper baskets for crane operation, suitable for all types of bulk materials. Made entirely of aluminum, with a low dead weight.

Roof Tile Tongs

Böcker Roof Tile Tongs are the ideal accessories for fast and efficient transport of roof tiles. Up to two packages of roof tiles can be lifted to the roof without the need of any transhipping. Safe positioning is ensured by the Böcker roof- tile fitting platforms.

Tile Fitting Platforms

These are made of aluminum and are therefore particularly light and durable. Hung directly over the rafters, they do not damage the foil and the roof remains tight.

Pallet forks

The Böcker pallet forks and those for long products are made of aluminium and simplify the transport of palettes in a secure and precise way.

Roof Stand

The roof stand is hung over the rafters without damaging the foil. Two pieces are required for use.

Rolling stage

The profile rubber rollers allow the Rolling Stage to be lifted and lowered effortlessly and without damage on natural slates, tiles, slabs and corrugated slab Roofs.

Access platform PK 600-D

The PK 600-D access platform, which was especially developed by Böcker for the AK 52 truck crane, is designed for a basket load of up to 600 kg and can be hydraulically extended to a width of 3.5 m during operation. This provides an extremely large working range and allows to reach even remote places.

Access platform PK 350-D

It measures 230 x 98 cm and can be rotated 180° (90° to each side). When being used in platform mode, the AK 46/6000 achieves a maximum working height of 40 m.

Access platform PK 250-D

A total of two people or 250 kg can be accommodated in the PK 250-D access platform measuring 135 x 74 cm and rotating through 30 degrees in both directions.

Access platform PK 250-1

A total of two people or 250 kg can be accommodated in the PK 250-1 access platform measuring 135 x 74 cm.

Access platform PK 200-1

A total of two people or 200 kg can be accommodated in the PK 200-1 access platform measuring 135 x 74 cm.

Access platform KS 200

The aluminium access platform KS 200 transports two persons and work tool.

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