Truck Crane AK 42/4000

The power package on a 16 t or 18 t truck

The truck crane 42/4000 combines maximum ranges and payloads up to 4,000 kg on a compact ruck of 16 or 18 tonnes. With a winch of 2 tonnes, the AK 42/4000 is able to lift up heavy loads. However, the strengths of the crane are its ranges. Even under a load of 1,000 kg, the crane reaches a range of 22 meters. Therefore, the AK 42/4000 is good for the ambitious roofer, carpenter or solar and metal installation builders. Being a versatile machine, the crane can surely be converted to a lifting platform within a short time.  

Thanks to the stable mast package made of aluminium, a precise settling of the load is guaranteed all the time. Like all the other models the crane retracts or telescopes quickly and safe even under load. By the design-related incredibly low swivel radius, working is easily possible in streets even with running traffic.

Sustainable drive technology

The AK 42/4000 is optionally available as a hybrid crane with an additional electric motor. Particularly in densely populated areas, the low-emission and quiet operation provides excellent advantages. The 400 V drive works as powerfully as usual with an output of 30 kW. Thanks to the adjustable fuse protection, the crane utilises the maximum available current at the construction site at any moment. In order to minimise the energy intake, a sustainable stop-and-go-automatic device limits the energy consumption of the hybrid crane. The control system registers movement requirements activating the electric motor only when required. During idle times and waiting times, the automatic system saves valuable resources. With the eReady kit, the truck crane can be prepared for a subsequent retrofit of the eDrive.

If there is no power supply on-site, the hybrid truck crane can optionally be operated via the power-take-off of the truck engine. This is where the latest engine technology with exhaust gas cleaning and AdBlue injection is used. In addition, all Böcker cranes use exclusively biodegradable, long-life hydraulic oil of the lowest water pollution class.

  • Hybrid
  • Bio hydraulic oil
  • Stop-and-Go-Automatic
Performance Data 
Payload max. (kg)2,000 (optional 4,000)
Extension length max. (m)42.00 
Working height jib (m)33.70
Jib extendable (m)4.55 / 6,79 / 8.90 
Jib payload (kg) 2,000 / 1,500 / 800 
Main boom angles (Grad)87
Swivel range (Grad) +/- 310 
Jib angle approx. (Grad) 157
Lifting speed (m/min)50
Support area L x W max. (m)6.28 x 5.55
Support area L x W to two sides (m)   3.96 
Vehicle data 
Height (m)3.99 
Width (m)2.55 
Length (m)MAN 10.66 / DB 10.65
Wheel distance (m)5.42
Gross vehicle weight (kg)16,000 / 18,000
Range crane operation (m) 
250 kg35.00
500 kg30.00
1,000 kg22.00
1,500 kg17.00
2,000 kg14.00 
4,000 kg8.20
Range / working height for platform operation (m) 
with rotating basket 250 kg (PK 250-D)27.5 / 38.1
Range / working height for platform operation
with non-rotating basket (m)
27.5 / 43.0 at 250 kg
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Durability and environmental friendliness

  • Excellent cost efficiency due to low operating and servicing costs
  • Very safe investment due to higher than average value stability and the Böcker guarantee promise
  • Environmentally friendly due to biodegradable hydraulic oil and reduced petrol consumption

The mast and telescope system

  • Precise work thanks to the stability and torsional rigidity of the profiles
  • Sensitive and judder-free telescoping even with high loads and flat mast angles
  • Highest reaches even up to the back of the roof for effective work without having to relocate the crane due to the fully hydraulic extendible boom*

The support technology

  • Erection and work in the smallest spaces thanks to fully variable positioning of every individual outrigger
  • Fast and comfortable crane erection thanks to self-levelling and wireless colour remote control
  • Optimal crane stability and securing of the site
  • Greatest possible ground clearance through the large lift of the Outriggers

The operating concept

  • Particularly intuitive wireless remote control with full colour graphic display
  • Optimal erection without repositioning thanks to the constantly updated reach display
  • Efficient work thanks to concomitant operation of several crane functions
  • Diagnosis function as standard in the display
  • Optional hook camera with image transfer

BICS control

  • The software developed by Böcker warrants greatest possible flexibility and optimised reach in any situation while offering highest possible safety at the same time
  • Several software features create excellent operating comfort both in the fore- and background

The accessories

  • Multiple applications thanks to the large number of accessories on offer for every trade
  • Still exceptional payloads and reaches thanks to the consequent aluminium light-weight construction

The platform technology

  • Maximum flexibility through the combination of crane and platform technology
  • Thanks to the Easy-Lock-System swapped over with a ease
  • Several applications covered by different platform models
  • Highest work comfort thanks to automatic levelling and on-board electrics

The drive concept

  • Low fuel usage and maintenance requirements lead to reduced operating costs
  • Comfortable handling, one tank, one fuel, one refuelling process
  • Highest failure safety thanks to the battery-operated emergency control system

Unique design of turret and loading area

  • The small slewing radius makes it possible to erect the crane in the smallest of all spaces and with flowing traffic
  • Clever fixation system for Böcker accessories

Trend-setting environmental sustainability

  • Low fuel usage and low emissions
  • Can be operated in all environmental zones


*optionally available

  • Roof Tile Tongs

    Fast and efficient transport of roof tiles

  • Tipper Basket

    Leightweight and efficient

  • BöckerConnect

    Digital crane technology

  • Access platform PK 250-D

    Max. 2 persons and max. 250 kg load capacity

  • Access platform PK 250-1

    Max. 2 persons and max. 250 kg load capacity