Trailer Crane AHK 36 / AHK 36e

The most powerful trailer crane of its class

The AHK 36 is the most powerful trailer crane of its class. Thanks to its' sophisticated boom this crane reliably reaches heights up to 36 m and lifts loads up to 2,400 kg. The ultra-modern Böcker mast technology is the foundation for this outstanding performance data. This Böcker technology combines proven aluminium components and a new high-strength steel which is lightweight and strong at the same time. Therefore, the AHK 36 clearly outperforms all other comparable cranes.

The version of the AHK 36 equipped with a petrol engine will work even quieter in future, with improved insulation reducing noise emissions by seven decibels compared to the predecessor model. The AHK 36 is mounted on a tandem chassis ensuring a safe driving behaviour and an optimal distribution of floor load. Another important innovation is the Fall Protection Mode. In this new operating mode, the trailer crane can now be used to protect people from falling when working at height, e.g. during repairs on the roof. A safety device is suspended from the load hook of the crane, which connects the person to the crane via a wire rope within a certain radius of action.

Beside its strong performance, the AHK 36 clearly stands out by its tremendous versatility. The Multiflex outriggers can be set up in 256 different positions using auto-levelling and therefore assuring maximum utilization of the available space on site. The foldable swivelling outriggers ensure an optimal positioning of the machine in the direction of the load. Furthermore, they can easily be swivelled around any barriers. At the same time, it is possible to balance out height differences up to 50 cm without the need of an additional sub-structure. No other support system in the field of trailer cranes provides comparable opportunities.

The new Multiflex outriggers are combined with the Böcker EHSC control. This high-performance control in 32 bit technology enables an exact processing of any control command. Being equipped with the latest CAN-bus technology as well as two independent safety controls, the AHK 36 provides maximum safety. This concept is certified by the German technical inspection authority DEKRA.

Sustainable drive technology

The AHK 36 is optionally available fully electric with an electric motor instead of the classic petrol or diesel engine and with 230 V charging technology. Particularly in densely populated areas, the low-emission and quiet operation provides excellent advantages.

Where 400 V high-voltage current was required in the past, the AHK 36e will be the first trailer crane on the market to be charged at any conventional 230 V household socket in the future - in an innovative parallel operation directly during the crane operation. Independently of any external power supply, the crane moves to the optimum installation site by means of its manoeuvring drive and the set-up is as well effected powered by the battery. The power consumption of the AHK 36e is optimized to a degree to require significantly less energy than comparable cranes with combustion engines. The high battery capacity permits more than three hours of operation or eight standard working cycles without an external power supply. In stand-by mode, the battery can be charged from 20 % to 80 % in less than one hour. 

In order to minimise the energy intake, a sustainable a sustainable stop-and-go-automatic device limits the energy consumption of the trailer crane. The control system registers movement requirements activating the electric motor only when required. During idle times and waiting times, the automatic system saves valuable resources. In addition, all Böcker cranes use exclusively biodegradable, long-life hydraulic oil of the lowest water pollution class.

  • Battery with 230 V Charging Technology
  • Electric drive
  • Bio hydraulic oil
  • Stop-and-Go-Automatic
Performance data 
Payload max. (kg)1,500 (opt. 2,400)
Extension length max.(m)34.00 (opt. 36.00)
Working height jib (m)22.70
Jib extendable (m)4.86 / 7.96 / 11.06 (opt. 13.06)
Jib payload2,400/ 1,500/ 800 / 500 / (250)
Main boom angle approx. (degrees)85
Swivel range (degrees)endless 
Jib angle approx. (degrees)0 until 162
Lifting speed approx. (degrees)50
Support area L x W max. (m)3.78 x 6.62
Support area L x W to one side (m)7.72 x 4.32
Vehicle dimensions 
Height (m)2.9
Width (m)2.30
Length (m)9.20 
Pulling deviceSwivel drawbar
Range crane operation (m) 
250 kg23.10
500 kg16.60
800 kg12.90
1,000 kg10.00
1,500 kg7.50 
2,400 kg5.40
Range platform operation (PK 250-D) (m) 
250 kg15.80
100 kg 18.80
Working height platform operation max. (m)29.00
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Durability and environmental friendliness

  • Excellent cost efficiency due to low operating and servicing costs
  • Very safe investment due to higher than average value stability and the Böcker guarantee promise
  • Environmentally friendly due to biodegradable hydraulic oil and reduced petrol consumption

The mast and telescope system

  • Precise work thanks to the stability and torsional rigidity of the profiles
  • Sensitive and judder-free telescoping even with high loads and flat mast angles
  • Highest reaches even up to the back of the roof for effective work without having to relocate the crane

The support technology

  • Erection and work in the smallest spaces thanks to fully variable positioning of every individual outrigger
  • Fast and comfortable crane erection thanks to self-levelling and wireless colour remote control
  • Optimal crane stability and securing of the site
  • Greatest possible ground clearance through the large lift of the Outriggers

The operating concept

  • Particularly intuitive wireless remote control with full colour graphic display
  • Optimal erection without repositioning thanks to the constantly updated reach display
  • Efficient work thanks to concomitant operation of several crane functions
  • Diagnosis function as standard in the display
  • Optional hook camera with image transfer

BICS control

  • The software developed by Böcker warrants greatest possible flexibility and optimised reach in any situation while offering highest possible safety at the same time
  • Several software features create excellent operating comfort both in the fore- and background

The accessories

  • Multiple applications thanks to the large number of accessories on offer for every trade
  • Still exceptional payloads and reaches thanks to the consequent aluminium light-weight construction

The platform technology

  • Maximum flexibility through the combination of crane and platform technology
  • Thanks to the Easy-Lock-System swapped over with a ease
  • Several applications covered by different platform models
  • Highest work comfort thanks to automatic levelling and on-board electrics

The outrigger concept

  • Patented swivelling and foldable swivelling outriggers from high-tensile fine grain steel for highest flexibility
  • Optimal and comfortable erection thanks to the auto-levelling function
  • High ground clearance of up to 50 cm thanks to large lift of the outriggers makes it possible to use it on sloping ground
  • Particularly compact manoeuvring dimensions and small footprint due to reduction of the overall length by two meters thanks to the swivelling drawbar

The drive concept

  • Battery operated emergency control
  • Guaranteed lifting of the maximum load through optimal performance take-off
  • Low fuel consumption at constantly high performance in all operating situations
  • Reduced noise emissions thanks to the most up-to-date technology

The manoeuvring concept

  • Optimal distribution of the ground load and safe manoeuvring over obstacles thanks to tandem axle
  • Axles are guaranteed not to be overloaded
  • Sensitive control of the manoeuvring drive for narrowest gateways
  • Mastering inclines of up to 25 %
  • Interlocking drive prevents increased tyre wear
  • Crawler tracks with 2 speeds: crawl 2.4 km/h and fast 4.5 km/h
  • Tile Fitting Platforms

    Roof Tile Fitting Platforms

  • Roof Tile Tongs

    Fast and efficient transport of roof tiles

  • Tipper Basket

    Leightweight and efficient

  • Pallet forks

    Easy transport of pallets

  • BöckerConnect

    Digital crane technology

  • Access platform PK 250-D

    Max. 2 persons and max. 250 kg load capacity