Mini Crane MK 300/ MK 400

Fast, safe and powerful - the Böcker mini crane models

Physical relief and precise operation during the challenging daily work on the construction site can be considered as the two main strengths of Böcker Mini Cranes. To build just one cubic metre of wall two bricks thick, a bricklayer will bend around 279 times. These challenging and exhausting tasks can be carried out much more efficiently by a Mini Crane. For gas concrete blocks (100 x 24 x 62.5 cm) only 7 operations per cubic metre are necessary, whereas sand-lime blocks (100 x 24 x 50 cm)  and six-pack-units of bricks (24 x 36 x 23.8 cm) require 8 operations and for four-pack-units of bricks (50 x 24 x 23.8 cm) 9 operations per cubic metre.

Moreover strong performance and versatility turn the Böcker Mini Cranes into a good choice. The cranes lift various loads and can be used for a diverse range of working practices. Planning and costing of construction projects benefit significantly from this versatility. Due to powerful drive units, the machines impress by fast operations and high working speeds. The Mini Crane MK 300 is ideal for loads up to 300 kg with 5.0 m working radius (400 kg with 4.0 m working radius) and the MK 400 can even handle loads up to 400 and 500 kg respectively. The telescopic mast on the MK 300 and MK 400 can be extended from 4.5 m to 6.0 m hook height. The Mini Crane fits on any truck due to the low dead weight and the compact dimensions.

Impressive even in detail

Even when looked at the Mini Crane in detail, it provides you with impressive characteristics. The comprehensive standard equipment leaves hardly anything to be desired. The single-grab-system makes working with bricks in different sizes even more simple as no refitting is required. All mini cranes are equipped with electric hoists and drives as standard. Optionally rotational and crab device are available as well.

Model MK 300 MK 400MK 400 DK*
Load capacity with 5,0 m range    300 kg      400 kg    400 kg
Load capacity with 4,0 m range 400 kg        500 kg       500 kg
Hook height4,5 m (opt. 6,0 m)4,5 m (opt. 6,0 m)4,5 m (opt. 6,0 m)
Working height3,75 m (opt. 5,25 m)3,75 m (opt. 5,25 m)3,75 m (opt. 5,25 m)
Lifting speed9 / 1,5 m/min9 / 1,5 m/min9 / 1,5 m/min
Weight without ballast1090 kg1090 kg1200 kg
Ballast weight650 kg960 kg960 kg
Width1,90 m1,90 m1,90 m

* with electric motor for crane rotation and trolley drive

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