Mini Cranes and Accessories

Technical DataMK 300 / MK 400Aluminium stairsThin-bed mortar carriage
Hook height max. (m)6
  • 4 stairs
  • Light construction
  • Easy repositioning
  • Height 97 cm
  • Foldable
  • Unilateral guiding
  • Overhead operations
  • Alternate tooth bar
  • Width 10,0 - 42,5 cm
Payload max. (kg)500
Gross vehicle weight (kg)1.940

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MK 300/ MK 400

Technical Data
Hook height max.6 m
Payload max.500 kg
Gross vehicle weight1,940 kg


  • Single-grab system
  • Fully galvanized



Aluminium stairs 
Thin-bed mortar carriage 


Our mini crane models: Great performance in small dimensions

During their daily work, construction workers regularly lift heavy loads. In the long term this not only affects health but also increases the risk of accidents at work. Furthermore it needs to be considered that the heavier the load, the slower the progress on the construction site.

A Böcker mini crane minimises physical exertion in these situations. At the same time, it increases the working speed and thus ensures that processes are becoming clearly more efficient. The transport of heavy materials such as bricks for masonry is much faster with the support of a Böcker mini crane. Thanks to our single-grab system it is possible to lift a wide variety of elements without the need to convert the construction crane.

In addition to the powerful MK 300 and MK 400 models, you will find further high-quality masonry accessories, such as thin-bed mortar slides and aluminium stairs.


A mini crane: Perfect tool for masonry and more

Böcker masonry technology makes it easier for you and your staff to lay bricks. The Böcker mini crane is the ideal tool for moving heavy loads. It is available in three varieties. All three mini crane models guarantee a safe and error-free handling and accelerate the working process significantly.

Our mini cranes can not only be used as masonry cranes. With their universal grab system, they can lift materials and elements of various shapes and sizes. All models have a telescopic mast that can be extended from 4.5 to 6 m hook height.

The lighter mobile crane model, the MK 300, can transport up to 400 kg and the MK 400 can even lift loads up to 500 kg. The third model, the MK 400 DK, has the same technical data as the MK 400, but stands out with an electric motor for crane rotation and trolley drive.

Due to their compact size and low weight, you can transport all our mini crane models easily on a truck and use them flexibly in different areas of the construction site. They also impress by their maximum user-friendliness and an extremely easy setup. All these features reduce planning effort and the likelihood of accidents on the construction site. Furthermore, it saves time and money!


Böcker: Quality and security from Germany

Our skilled engineers and cutting-edge technology ensures that all Böcker products meet the highest possible standards. In case you have any problems our helpful service technicians guarantee high-quality maintenance, inspection and repair.

If we have managed to gain your interest, please use our contact form to send us a non-binding inquiry. A competent member of staff will be happy to assist you. Together we will find a suitable product to meet your individual needs.