Industrial Lift Permanent Construction Lift

Permanently installed Lift System

Inspections, maintenance and repair work to machinery, equipment and industrial facilities need to be carried out daily to assure quality. To make these tasks easier, a permanently installed lift system is certainly a worthwhile investment to consider when planning new installations. However, it can also be installed at a later point of time to existing installations.

In addition to the popular Böcker Servicelift, in recent years modelsof the Superlift MX range (MX 324, MX 1024, MX 2024) and the Superlift LX range (LX 2024, LX 4024) have particularly proven their worth thanks to their efficiency and adaptability. As a flexible modular system, each pinion hoist can be adjusted to suit different compatible system components, such as masts, platforms, doors, ramps, closing walls or a roof - therefore providing an individual and tailored solution for any project. This ensures that only minor changes are required to the existing structure and this also reduces any additional costs required for project development and installation.

Models from the Böcker Superlift range can be permanently installed on buildings and machinery that are not in public areas to be used by authorised and trained personnel. When permanently installed, they can swiftly and easily transport people and loads, and thanks to the high-quality craftsmanship, they are also able to provide a sophisticated and reliable transport solution during continuous daily use.