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Unrivaled versatile

The Böcker Top-Lift is an extremely lightweight and versatile transport solution. Thanks to various load-bearing devices and other accessories those lifts meet virtually any demand on the construction site. The Top-Lift is available in three different versions which can all be assembled up to a total height of 20.30 m. Due to the attractive price, the Top-Lift Basic is working efficiently and is therefore the right model for beginners. The Top-Lift Standard is the most powerful model and lifts loads up to 250 kg whereas the Top-Lift Highspeed impresses by fast transport with carriage speeds of up to 40 m/min.

The assembly of all three models is extremely convenient. Due to the low dead weight positioning at the house is possible without any difficulties. In each case the drive unit is conveniently hooked into the base rail. The conversion is equally simple because all load-bearing devices are fixed to the carriage by catch locks. Safety plays an equally important role concerning the compact Böcker ladder lift. All carriages are equipped with a parachute device as standard feature in order to avoid a crash of the load in case the cable should break. Beside this, large foot plates ensure safe stand of all Top-Lift models.

Transport system for solar cell modules

Thanks to the versatile load-bearing devices, the Top-Lift is the ideal lift for various operations in the construction and roofing industry respectively. Furthermore Böcker offers a sophisticated transport system for the transportation of solar-cell panels which consists of two components. The solar platform is fixed on the carriage and ensures safe transportation of the panels to the roof. Rubber rests protect them from being damaged while the clamping device fastens the panels safely to the platform.

The solar module fitting platform SMV 150 ensures safe transportation on the roof. This device is conveniently hooked in the existing aluminium rails of the solar panels, so no additional assembly work is necessary. The SMV 150 can easily be moved by smooth-running rolls.



Model  Top-Lift Basic  
  Top-Lift Standard 
Top-Lift Highspeed
Payload150 kg   250 kg 230 kg
Hoisting speed        25 m/min   34 m/min 20/40 m/min
Hoisting height max 20.30 m   20.30 m 20.30 m
Cable length 44 m   44 m 44 m
Cable diametre 5 mm   6 mm 6 mm
Voltage  230 V/50 Hz   230V/50 Hz 230 V/50 Hz
Control voltage 24 V   24 V 24 V
Weight of drive unit   52 kg   54 kg 54 kg

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