Furniture Lift Agilo

Unsurpassed mobility is the ultimate strength of the Agilo furniture lifts. Therefore you can react quickly and directly on any change of the circumstances on-site. The product range of the Agilo series starts with the compact model HL 27 with a maximum lifting height of 26,6 m. At the top end, the HL 55 surpasses all other furniture lifts by transporting loads of 400 kg up to a maximum lifting height of 55 metres. The optimal combination lift and vehicle turns each model of the Agilo series into tailor-made machines for any of your operations.

Agilo furniture lifts are powered by strong and reliable Honda engines and reach maximum carriage speeds of 60 m/min. Depending on the vehicle, the Agilo lifts can optionally also be powered by PTO. Using the engine of the basic vehicle as drive unit for the furniture lifts means full performance and reduced dead weight. The modern aluminium profile of the rails plays a key role in this case. The smooth running of the carriage ensures enormous convenience. At the same time the rails excel by the outstanding stability and offer unsurpassed durability.

Regarding convenience, the Agilo impresses by an extremely low loading height thanks to the infinitely adjustable pull out extension at the bottom end. Beside the rigid standard platform with foldable side panels, further furniture platforms are available as option. These platforms are extendable as well as rotatable and provide customers with even more functionality.

Specialmodel HL 27 Advantage

The special model HL 27 Advantage offers everything you expect from a Böcker Furniture Lift at a competitive price. All models are mounted on the reliable and well-proven Fuso Canter and have a gross vehicle weight of only 3.5 t. Payloads of up to 400 kg can be lifted up with carriage speeds of up to 55 m/min by the powerful PTO auxiliary drive. But there is more about the HL 27 advantage than just power and efficiency. The comprehensive standard equipment turns this special model into an unrivaled offer. Many accessories are standard features of the HL 27 so that there are virtually no unfulfilled needs.

Sustainable drive technology

The Agilo furniture lift is optionally available as a hybrid lift with a removable electric motor. In densely populated areas and city centres, in particular, the low-emission and quiet operation provides excellent advantages. The 230 V drive is fitted in addition to the PTO auxiliary drive and works as powerfully as usual with an output of 2.6 kW. To minimise the energy intake, a sustainable Stop-and-Go-Automatic limits the energy consumption of the hybrid lift. The control registers movement requirements and activates the electric motor only when required. During idle times and waiting times, the automatic system saves valuable resources.

  • Hybrid
  • Stop-and-Go-Automatic

Technical Data Agilo Furniture Lift

ModelHL 27 / 1-6 LH HL 30 / 1-7 LH HL 34 / 1-8 LH HL 37 / 2-8 LH
Extendible from - to5.4 - 26.6 m5.4 - 30.2 m5.5 - 33.6 m6.9 - 36.9 m
Payoad max.400 kg400 kg400 kg400 kg
Length package rail5,360 mm5,415 mm5,570 mm6,810 mm
Gross vehicle weight3,500 kg3,500 kg4,500 kg4,500 kg
Payload base vehicle1,400 kg*1,700 kg2,200 kg2,100 kg
Wheel base vehicle2,800 mm*3,000 -3,500 mm3,000 - 3,500 mm4,000 mm
Average lifting speed55 m/min55 m/min55 m/min55 m/min

Models on request

ModelHL 42 / 2-9 LH HL 55 / 2-9 H
Extendible from - to8.0 - 41.9 m10.5 - 54.9 m
Payload max.400 kg400 kg
Length rail package7,375 mm9,700 mm
Gross vehicle weight base vehicle6,500 kg8,500 kg
Payload base vehicle3,000 kg4,500 kg
Wheel base vehicle4,000 - 4,500 mmfrom 4,500 mm
Average lifting speed55 m/min55 m/min

* Depending on country and equipment

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