Furniture Lift Junior

Full performance and a minimum required space

The Böcker Junior Furniture Lift combines all strengths of the well-known Böcker furniture lift technology in a compact model. Nowadays space has become a luxury good, particularly in crowded cities. Many flats can only be reached through narrow lanes and some even only through the backyard. The models of the Böcker Junior series give a particularly strong solution to these obstacles. Designed for operations in narrow spaces, those lifts still offer full performance. At the same time, they can be towed by almost any passenger car, due to the low dead weight. 

The Junior is equipped with retractable axles. Due to the reduced manoeuvring width of less than 1metre, these lifts even fit through a standard-sized door. And if tasks should become extremely narrow and challenging, the tow bar can be retracted as well. Despite this compact design, the Junior still impresses with strong performance data. With a maximum payload of 250 kg removals can be carried out quickly and efficiently. The HD 18/0-5 has a maximum lifting height of 18 metres and marks the entrance to the product line of Böcker Junior Furniture Lifts. The HD 24/0-7 with 24 metres maximum lifting height is the top model of this series.

The new Junior platforms: Basic or Premium

All lifts are equipped with the furniture platform Basic as standard feature. This platform is extendable and has a maximum loading area of 2,000 x 1,200 mm. Due to the completely new single-hand adjustment, it is extremely convenient to adapt the platform to the erection angle of the furniture lift. The Junior may also be equipped with the furniture platform Premium which is available as an optional feature. The platform has an even larger loading area and can be ordered with an adjustment spindle. It is infinitely adjustable between 13° and 85°. The platform can therefore be adapted even more precisely to the erection angle of the lift.

Sustainable drive technology

The Junior furniture lift is optionally available as a hybrid lift with an additional electric motor. Particularly in densely populated areas, the low-emission and quiet operation provides excellent advantages. The 230 V drive works as powerfully as usual with an output of 2.6 kW. In order to minimise the energy intake, a sustainable stop-and-go-automatic device limits the energy consumption of the hybrid lift at any moment. The control system registers movement requirements activating the electric motor only when required. During idle times and waiting times, the automatic system saves valuable resources. If there is no power supply on-site, the hybrid lift can optionally be operated via the Honda combustion engine. This is where the latest engine technology with low fuel and oil consumption is used. The engines meet the world's strictest exhaust emission regulations. Upon request, the Junior is also available as a fully electric version with a 2.6 kW 230 V electric motor instead of the classic petrol engine.

  • Electric drive
  • Hybrid
  • Stop-and-Go-Automatic
ModelHD 18/0-5  HD 21/0-6 HD 24/0-7
Gross vehicle weight 750/1.200 kg750/1.200 kg750/1.200 kg
Driving license classB/B96/BEB/B96/BEB/B96/BE
Payload250 kg250 kg250 kg
Extendible from - to 4.1 – 17.8 m4.1 – 20.9 m4.1 – 23.7 m
Manoeuvring length4,165 mm4,165 mm4,165 mm
Transport length 4,900 mm4,900 mm4,900 mm
Manoeuvring width*890 mm890 mm890 mm
Transport width*1,299 mm1,299 mm1,299 mm
Length of the rail package4,005 mm4,060 mm4,115 mm
Track width540 mm540 mm540 mm

* Special equipment / Widt with standad axle 1,270 mm

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