Rack and Pinion Hoist Super-Lift S 225

The compact material lift

The Super-Lift S225 has been designed as a compact lift for the safe and efficient transport of material. It impresses in particular by its fast and easy assembly. All basic components are extremely lightweight. Therefore the S225 can be assembled and transported without any difficulties. The large loading platform is safely fixed by a single bolt within a short period of time. Having a weight of only 15 kg the solid aluminium masts are equally light-weight and extremely easy to assemble.

At the same time the material lift impresses by surpassing performance and flexibility. The S225 has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 200 kg and can be assembled up to a maximum lifting height of 50 m. The generously sized platform is even large enough for the transport of euro-pallet so that no transhipping is necessary. The Super-Lift S255 needs only minimum space. For operation on narrow construction sites the whole platform is rotatable by 90 degrees. At the same time, the safety equipment leaves virtually nothing to be desired. Important features such as the speed-governed safety brake and the mast override protection are standard features of the Super-Lift S225.

ModelS 225
Load bearing capacity 200 kg
Drive systemCable
Loading platform interior dimensions (L x W x H) 1.40 x 0.85 x 1.10 m
Loading height 0.20 m
Lifting height max. 50 m
Mast topper 1 m
Length aluminium mast 2 m
Weight aluminium mast 15 kg
Weight of basic unit including carriage 120 kg
Weight drive system 54 kg
Weight loading platform 75 kg
Tie distance 2 m
Lifting speed max. 25 m/min
Motor capacity 1.3 kW
Fuse 16 Ampere (träge)
Voltage 230 Volt / 50 Hz
Control voltage 24 Volt

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