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Böcker helps you build conservatories

A conservatory allows home owners to enjoy the special atmosphere and magic of mother nature all year round, and not just in summer. However, building a conservatory presents some challenges. Fragile components, such as sheet glass and wood and aluminium elements need to be transported carefully and then assembled accurately. And not infrequently at the rear of a building which is difficult access.

We have large range of construction machinery at your disposal at Böcker to help your project succeed. These include our powerful truck-mounted cranes and trailer cranes and our ALP personnel lifts and ALP material lifts. As a reliable partner for innovative solutions, we would be happy to assist in making your conservatory job more easy and efficient and thus increase your level of satisfaction and that of your customers.

On this page, we present an overview of all our at Böcker products that are perfectly matched to the challenges of building a conservatory.


Build perfect conservatories - with cranes and ALP lifts from Böcker

We recommend using our truck-mounted cranes and trailer cranes to quickly and safely transport the materials you need, such as fragile glass window fronts. Not only are they extremely flexible, even in confined spaces, they can also transport payloads of up to 12 tonnes, and come equipped with advanced control technology so that you can precisely position the loads.

Boom extension lengths of up to 52 metres mean that driving the truck-mounted crane onto your customer's property becomes superfluous. Instead, let the vehicle do the work for you, and transport the building materials conveniently and precisely through the air onto the construction site.

Benefit from our versatile ALP passenger lifts that help you and your workers access high spots during assembly work. The high payload means that you can also transport heavy tools and other equipment easily.

Find the ideal Böcker product for your company today and benefit from the myriad advantages it provides when building your conservatory. We look forward to receiving your enquiry!