First 230 V truck crane charges at any household socket

Electric. Simple. Everywhere! The new 230 V truck crane AK 37e from Böcker makes sustainable work easier and at the same time more powerful than ever before. As the first mobile crane on the market, it offers a 230 V electric motor that charges at any classic household socket thanks to battery technology.

Where 400 V high-voltage current was previously required, the new truck crane AK 37e now works electrically almost everywhere - a decisive advantage especially for refurbishment and repair jobs in residential areas. The energy supply via the usual mains voltage of household electricity can be found practically on every corner.

The low-noise and low-emission 230 V operation as a crane or working platform not only protects the environment, but also pleases residents. At the same time, the readily available connection to a normal power outlet makes permanent electrical use possible for the first time on any building. The new AK 37e operates with optimized consumption and requires significantly less energy than comparable cranes. To minimize energy draw, a stop-and-go automatic system limits power consumption and activates the electric motor only when necessary.

Equipped with modern lithium-ion battery technology, the electric motor of the AK 37e runs continuously in plug-in mode. The battery charges directly during crane use so quickly that the battery level remains constant during everyday operation and all crane functions can be seamlessly continued. The powerful battery capacity also allows the crane to be used independently for a long time, even without an external power supply and without switching on the PTO power take-off.

The new 230 V truck crane not only makes lifting loads more sustainable, it also offers the usual power and an unchanged hook speed of 45 m/min. With its 8 kW electric motor, it transports up to 3,000 kg at height and reaches extension lengths of up to 37 m with a permissible total weight of just 8.6 t. Thanks to its compact design without an overhanging mast tip, the AK 37e scores particularly well in crowded city traffic and when erecting on cramped construction sites. Thanks to variable outrigger control and a small slewing radius, it can be safely set up at the edge of the road, in narrow driveways and on small parking spaces. With a range of 28 m at a load of 250 kg, it can even reach the rear of roofs or buildings. The crane's state-of-the-art control system includes automatic set-up with auto-levelling and range indication in live mode, mast rotation and erection angle limitation, switching between rapid and creep speed, transfer control with two cameras and go-home function. Operation is via the intuitive radio remote control, which displays all operations on the full graphic display in just one operating level. The Easy-Lock system allows the new truck crane to be converted into a work platform in next to no time.

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Connected to a 230 V socket, the AK 37e operates continuously electrically in crane or platform mode.

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Electrically self-sufficient thanks to battery: E-motor with control technology and battery level indicator.