Trailer crane in daily use

The investment in a Böcker trailer crane was the right choice for Dirk Sieling, Managing Director of Dirk Sieling carpentry GmbH in Padenstedt, Germany. For nearly two years he has been operationg the AHK 34/1800 - and has significantly reduced the time spent on individual orders. Using the crane, his jobs can be performed more quickly and far more easily. His professional service using high-quality crane technology has also further great side effects: Not only has his image among customers improved - he also increased his attractiveness as an employer.

Reduction of working time and faster construction site management were the main reasons for Dirk Sieling, when he decided to purchase a crane in summer 2014. He wanted to facilitate the work of his employees and wanted to enable them to act more flexibly. So he decided to buy our AHK 34/1800: "This trailer crane with an extension length of 34 meters is very good for our areas of application. It is both very light and easily maneuverable." says Sieling.

The AHK 34/1800 is a powerful trailer crane with 1800 kg maximum payload - with a gross vehicle weight of only 3.5 tons. The outreach of 23 meters ensures a flexible use. This is made possible, among other things, by a hybrid boom system with ultra solid steel and high-strength aluminum profiles. Another plus is the innovative support with over 200 different positions which allows for maximum range even on minimal space and ensures secure positioning of the crane even on tight and difficult construction sites.

Crane technology pays off both for employers and for employees. With the crane, Sieling works much more economically and a lot faster: "With the trailer crane we are not only more efficient because we can save time - it also represents a great physical relief for our employees. Roof elements that had to be transported by several people can now hover in the air without any muscle power necessary."