Powerful crawler crane

With the new RK 36/2400, the Böcker Maschinenwerke GmbH has launched a crane that always keeps its feet on the ground even on soft soils. The new compact crawler chassis ensures a safe traction, an optimal load distribution on the floor and it guarantees a great maneuvering in every area. Having a maximal telescopic length of 36 m and payloads of up to 2,400 kg, this model also impresses with its performance and its low dead weight of 4,650 kg only.  

Gravel, sand or water smooth lawn: such a ground can quickly become a problem. The RK 36/2400 offers not only a secure traction and ground contact but also an evenly distribution of soil pressure. Designed for telescopic length of up to 36 m, this crane lifts payloads of up to 2,400 kg. Even under a load of 250 kg, the crane still reaches ranges of 23 m. This possible due to its fully hydraulically telescoping hybrid mast profile.  

The crawler chassis of the RK 36/2400 reaches speeds of 2.4 km/h in creep speed and 4.5 km/h in rapid traverse. Powerful diesel engines drive the crane. It can additionally be equipped with an electric motor having the same performance data as the diesel engine. Therefore, working without noise and emissions is possible in commercial halls and on industrial plants for example. The variable Multiflex-support of the crane with a support pressure of 27,000 newton maximum is – like any other operation – handled comfortably via radio control with colored display and is equipped with automatic self-levelling. 

The RK 36/2400 is usable in many ways: It can not only be used as a crane but also as a lifting platform with securely mounted and rotatable working cage. Thanks to the Easy Lock-System, the crane is converted within a few minutes and without any tools. Even that makes him being a valuable assistant in glass, hall and facade construction as well as in the field of the garden/landscape maintenance.