Innovative height access systems at the bauma 2019

From 8 to 14 April 2019, Böcker Maschinenwerke GmbH will again present the latest developments in the field of height access at the leading trade fair in the construction machinery sector in Munich. Numerous innovations in crane technology take centre stage, such as the new access platform for the truck crane AK 52, which can be extended to a width of 3.5 m and has been designed for a payload of 600 kg, and the truck crane AK 46/6000 with hybrid engine PTO and electric motor. In addition, visitors of the exhibition stand FS.1203/2 can expect selected exhibits from lift and rack-and-pinion technology, including an inclined lift on a crawler chassis, a furniture lift offering an extension length up to 55 m, and the new passenger and material hoist, the Super-Lift LX-PM.

Access platform of a new dimension

With a maximum payload of 12 t, an extended length of 52 m (opt. 55 m) and incredible ranges, the track-mounted crane AK 52 sets new standards in the 26 t truck category. At a height of up to 31 m, it thus lifts 3 t to 17 m, and, thanks to its small swivel radius and the variable outriggers, it is flexible even when used in most confined spaces. The 14-m jib, which is fully hydraulically extendable via remote colour control, holds up to one ton even in horizontal or extended position. Thanks to its formidable range up to 45 m, the powerhouse opens up a massive working area and demonstrates its strengths, for example when used for multi-storey buildings, industrial building, glass or facade construction.

At the bauma, visitors can take a ride in the new work basket of the AK 52, which has been designed for a payload of 600 kg and can be extended to a width of 3.5 m during operation. It thus offers an extremely large working area and the operator can reach even remote spots. For an efficient work process, the jib can extend the loaded work basket in any position of the mast. Furthermore, the basket can be hydraulically rotated by 400° and therefore is extremely flexible.

Thanks to the easy-lock system, the crane can easily and quickly be converted to an access platform without any tools. When used as an access platform, the AK 52 stands out due to superior safety and precise control. Permanent monitoring of the load protects the platform from overloading. The access platform can be operated from inside the platform from two control stands, to ensure an optimal overview of the operating environment. The colour remote control with variable positioning facilitates delicate and secure working with all necessary user information being shown on the large colour display.

Crane with emission-free drive technology

The truck-mounted crane AK 46/6000 will be presented at the bauma with a powerful 32 kW electric drive for the first time. Built-up on an 18 t or 26 t truck, it stands out due to its comparably low fuel consumption and low emission levels and scores with its future-oriented environmental sustainability.

The new electric motor is fitted as an additional drive to the PTO auxiliary drive and is operated at the construction site with a 400 V three-phase current supply. Therefore, when working in city centres, the machine does not generate any noise or disturbing exhausts during operation as a crane or platform. With a possible 63 A or 32 A operation, the crane always uses the maximum current available on site this way offering a strong combination of performance, reach and efficiency. Thus if lifts high loads up to 6 t and reaches extended lengths up to 44 m (46 opt.). With a range of up to 26 m at a load of 1,000 kg, the Böcker truck crane also impresses with an extremely large working area; it is also available with a hydraulically extendable jib upon request. Thanks to the efficient and fail-safe drive via the electric motor, the AK 46/6000 can as usually carry out several crane functions simultaneously, such as for example rotating and extending the mast during the lifting operation.

Should there not be any access to a power supply on site the crane can optionally be operated via the auxiliary drive of the truck engine. In comparison to separate diesel engines, the operator, in this case, benefits from low operating costs, lower maintenance costs and easy handling. The truck models used by Böcker always reflect state-of-the-art technology and use the most modern engine technology with emission control and AdBlue injection.

Apart from the AK 46/6000, the truck-mounted crane AK 42/4000 and the crawler crane RK 36/2400 are also available with additional electric drive. Likewise, the trailer cranes AHK 36 and AHK 30/1500 KS can also be equipped with an electric motor instead of the conventional gasoline or diesel engines.

All-terrain with crawler chassis

For particularly rough terrain, Böcker presents not one but two units on a crawler chassis: the crawler crane RK 36/2400 and the inclined lift Junior HD 24. The compact crawler chassis ensures safe traction and ground contact, the equal distribution of pressure and optimal manoeuvrability on any ground. The operation site is safely reached even on gravel, sand or wet and soft grassy areas.

The crawler crane RK 36/2400 convinces with its performance with extendable lengths up to 36 m and securely lifts up payloads of up to a maximum of 2,400 kg. Even with a load of 250 kg, it provides a range of 23 m. One of the reasons for this is its fully hydraulically extendable hybrid mast profile. The crawler chassis of the RK 36/2400 reaches a speed of 2.4 km/h in creep speed and even 4.5 km/h in rapid motion. The crane is driven by a powerful diesel engine. For noise-free and emission-free working without any loss of performance, it can additionally be equipped with an electric motor.

Thanks to its crawler chassis, the inclined lift Junior HD 24 also safely masters any terrain and demonstrates its strengths on difficult terrain. With compact dimensions a and powerful drive, it also offers excellent manoeuvring characteristics. During use at the construction site, it is convincing with its high performance, it lifts payloads of up to 250 kg and safely conveys building materials to a height of up to 23.7 m.

Unrivalled mobility

From its product line of furniture lifts, Böcker is presenting its most powerful lift at the bauma, the Agilo HL 55. Whether furniture or building materials, the truck-mounted inclined lift transports loads of up to 400 kg, reaches extended lengths of up to 55 m and is therefore ideally suited for high-rise buildings. Even in restricted spaces, the versatile Agilo is quickly positioned, easily assembled and scores with simple operation via remote control.

The furniture lift is equipped with a particularly powerful Honda engine so that even great heights are reached in the shortest of time with lifting speeds of up to 60 m/min. Depending on the carrier vehicle, propulsion can also be provided via a PTO auxiliary drive or, optionally, with an additional electric motor. At hoisting heights of this scale, the security aspect during the positioning and operation of the lift plays an important part. For this reason, the Agilo is equipped with hydraulic outriggers which provide the furniture lift with a stable stand and considerably facilitate the set-up. For safety reasons and in order to ensure a careful handling of the loads, the path of the carriage is monitored by limit switches, which ensure deceleration at the beginning and the end of the track. The Agilo HL 55 also has a CANbus-based, integrated safety system, which limits the maximum extended length of the rails depending on the erection angle and the position of the outriggers thus ensuring the safe operation of the lift in any set-up situation. In terms of comfort, the Agilo convinces thanks to an extendable lower extension with a particularly low loading height, which ensures a back-friendly work.

Safe transporting of personnel and materials

Rack-and-pinion hoists by Böcker transport materials, machines and persons efficiently and safely to great heights and also score with low space requirement and high stability. The new builders hoist for persons and materials Super-Lift LX-PM transports loads of up to 2,600 kg and offers space for up to 25 passengers.  At the same time, it reaches a hoisting height of up to 200 m. The frequency-controlled drive ensures conveying speeds of up to 40 m/min and a gentle start and stop for minimal wear and tear of all components.

As the Super-Lift LX PM complies with the highest safety standards for passenger lifts thanks to the enclosed lift cabin and comfortable emergency lowering, it can also be operated without a lift attendant, in accordance with EN 12159. In addition, it is equipped with an intelligent control, so that it automatically stops at the individual landings thanks for a landing pre-selection. The mast and the mast anchors are assembled via the accessible roof of the cabin.

Due to its modular system, the cabin size of the new rack-and-pinion hoist is variably extendable and the hoist can be used at the most different types of construction sites. Depending on the design, the platform length is between 1.70 and 5.10 m. All accessories of the other LX models can also be used for the LX-PM. For reacting flexibly to the loading conditions on site the cabin can be extended by a C-gate with an opening width of 2.70 m. The low entrance height guarantees optimal comfort during loading.

Thanks to its stable square mast system, the LX-PM can optionally be operated with a single or a twin cabin in combination with a model of the same hoist type or with one of the other Böcker rack-and -pinion hoists on one mast.

Böcker at the bauma 2019
8th - 14th of April 2019
Outdoor area, exhibition stand FS.1203/2

Thanks to its formidable range up to 45 m, the truck crane AK 52 opens up a massive working area.

The truck crane AK 52 with its new work basket, which is extendable to 3.5 m.

Now also available with hybrid engine: the truck crane AK 46/6000.

The inclined lift Junior HD 25 masters any terrain thanks to its tracked chassis.

The truck mounted inclined lift Agilo stands out due to it extension length up to 55 m.

New builders hoist for persons and materials Super-Lift LX-PM can be operated without lift attendant as it complies with the highest safety standards.