Second Böcker crane for Grefer Dach from Oberhausen

Manfred Grefer roofing from Oberhausen received her second Böcker crane at the beginning of the year. After the AK 32/1500, the AK 52 now followed as 26 ton, the first in NRW, built on a 3-axle truck, and we we congratulate you on this excellent choice!

With a maximum payload of 12 t, a boom length of 52 m (opt. 55 m) and an outstanding reach, the Böcker crane AK 52 sets new standards in the 26 t class as 3-axle and in the 32 t class as 4-axle. The probably most powerful crane in aluminium-steel design on the market can lift 3 t on 31 m with a reach of 17 m. The radio-controlled and fully hydraulically extendible jib can carry a weight of up to one ton, even in horizontal and extended positions. To make for even more efficient work, the jib can be extended in any boom position with loads of up to one ton or a loaded work basket attached thanks to powerful cylinder technology.

Despite its huge performance, the rear-axle steering on the AK 52 makes it extremely manoeuvrable and furnishes it with excellent driving characteristics. Thanks to its compact design and small slewing radius, it is also very flexible in tight spaces. Even when the maximum reach is attained, the swing-through radius is only 2.2 m, and the A-frame protrudes no more than 0.9 m beyond the frame of the carrier vehicle, because the crane does not need to be equipped with retractable counterweights.

The truck crane AK 52 also reaches new dimensions when being converted to an access platform. Specially developed for the AK 52, the optional work basket is designed for a 600 kg payload and can be hydraulically extended to a range of 3.5 m and be rotated through 440° during operation. Thanks to the Easy-Lock-System the changeover for use as a work platform can be performed in a very short time without any tools.

More about AK 52 here.