ALP-Personnel-Lift IXO-Lift

Platform for low working heights

The IXO-Lift work platform is a simple and safe alternative to ladders or scaffolding for heights up to 4m. Thanks to the ease of use and compact dimensions of the lift, it can comfortably carry one person to the operating site. The man basket is raised up by means of a pneumatic spring and uses the operator’s own weight to lower itself again. The pneumatic spring makes it environmentally friendly. It does not even require batteries or other external electricity sources, meaning it can be used in wet areas such as vehicle washing bays. An automatic wheel break ensures that the lifting platform is secure during use.

Designed for flat, even surfaces, the IXO-Lift is adapted for a variety of assembly, cleaning and maintenance work, such as hospitals, food and drink manufacturing facilities, assembly halls, construction sites or industrial buildings. The lift is also optionally available in an ATEX-certified version, which can be used in zones 1 and 21 in accordance with the ATEX category IIC T6 Gb classification.

Model   400WS
Work height(m)  3.97
Max. platform height (m)  1.97
Min. platform height (m)  0.97
Load capacity (kg)  150
Transportation height (m)  1.97
Transportation width (m)  0.73
Max. width with Extended stabilisers (m)  1.67
Transportation length (m)  1.20
Max. length with extended stabilisers (m)  1.50
Tare weight(kg)  239
Classification  for indoor & outdoor areas

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  • Simple and safe to operate
  • Safe alternative to ladders
  • Compact dimensions and low tare weight
  • Can be operated and manoeuvred by one person
  • Automatic wheel brake during use
  • Propelled by a pneumatic spring
  • Environmentally friendly because it does not use hydraulic oil, batteries or external electricity sources
  • Optional ATEX category IIC T6 Gb classification for use in zones 1 and 21
  • Fulfils the requirements for funding by BG Bau