ALP-Material-Lift LM S 4.2

The redesigned compact classic

The classic among the ALP-Material-Lifts, in a new series

The LM series is the classic among the Böcker ALP-Lifts. Due to sophisticated quality these models impress by outstanding durability and unsurpassed durability. Böcker offers its LM series in four different models. They have now been re-worked, and Series 4.2 (S4.2) scores with convenient transport options and fast, yet secure, setup on site. The new LM S4 lifts come in six different models, with lifting heights between 3.35 m and 7.51 m. Maximum payload amounts to 300 kg.

The ALP-Lifts are equipped with four sturdy guide rollers. Each of them has a fixing brake for safe grip. For optimal protection during indoor and outdoor operation all models of the LM series can additionally be equipped with lateral outriggers. A convenient hand winch with integrated automatic brake control ensures precise and safe lifting of any kind of load.

Fast setup means that LM S4.2 lifts are ready for operation quickly and safely. One person can set them up without tools, thanks to their innovative chassis with spring-loaded locking and plug connection. Fitting and securing the load forks is quick and easy using ball lock pins.

Transporting Series 4.2 ALP-Lifts is extremely convenient. Lightweight design means the units are particularity easy to load and move, due to use of aluminium components, large transport wheels and rollers in the front area. In addition, integrated forklift pockets allow safe transporting with a forklift. With an overall height between 1.90 m and 2.22 m, the units do not take up too much space.

Made in Germany

Of course, we are particularly emphasizing the safety. The models meet the safety requirements, they were made in Germany and bear the CE sign.

ModelLM 335 S4.2LM 400 S4.2 LM 480 S4.2 LM 575 S4.2LM 620 S4.2*LM 750 S4.2*  
Lifting height (m)3,354,004,795,756,237,50  
Load-bearing capacity (kg)300300300300300300  
Construction height (m)1,902,221,902,221,902,22  
Transport width (m)0,76 0,760,760,760,760,76  
Transport length (m)0,980,980,910,920,900,89  
Dead weight(kg)133140155162172186  

Permitted loads on a sliding scale:

ModelLM 335 S4.2LM 400 S4.2 LM 480 S4.2 LM 575 S4.2LM 620 S4.2*LM 750 S4.2*
Carriage380 kg / 1,90 m 380 kg / 2,21 m380 kg / 1,90 m 380 kg / 2,21 m 380 kg / 2,21 m380 kg / 2,21 m
Rail 3300 kg / 3,35 m300 kg / 4,00 m340 kg / 3,35 m 340 kg / 4,00 m 350 kg / 3,35 m350 kg / 4,00 m
Rail 2 2/2     325 kg / 4,79 m325 kg / 5,74 m
Rail 2 1/2   300 kg / 4,79 m300 kg / 5,74 m300 kg / 6,23 m300 kg / 7,50 m

*lateral jibs with supports as standard

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  • Aluminium lightweight construction offers low dead weight and at the same time high payload
  • Manual winch with braking function for easy, precise lifting
  • Wivel castors with fixing brake for fast change of position and secure foothold
  • Safe and secure loading thanks to stacker pockets fitted as standard
  • Convenient ball lock pins for securing the load fork
  • Easy setup without any tools thanks to innovative chassis with spring-mounted locking bar.
  • Convenient handling without tilting thanks to integrated rollers in the front parts
  • Large transport wheels for easy transport when tipped
  • Made in Germany