Accessories & Equipment E-drive / eReady-Kit

More sustainability in day-to-day (work)life

The Böcker Hybrid Crane

The additional e-drive turns your truck crane into an environmentally friendly machine and is a great add-on to the single-engine concept. When using the machine in cities or residential areas the e-drive enables a low-noise- and low-emission operation of your Böcker hybrid crane.

An important responsibility

All Böcker cranes are available with a powerful, low-noise and low-emission 400 V e-drive. Depending on the model a 13 kW or 30 kW is being utilized to turn your Böcker crane into a hybrid crane. The available power supply defines your power-choice. You can go for 13 kW (16 A/32 A) or 30 kW (32 A/63 A) by changing the settings of the built-in frequency converter. This allows to make the most of the present possibilities. The eReady-Kit allows a subsequently, “plug & play” fitting for the e-drive.


  • Low-noise and low-emission operation in cities or residential areas
  • Sustainable working