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Roof Tile Fitting Platforms

Loads can be lifted quickly and efficiently by the powerful Böcker aluminium cranes as well as the sophisticated load bearing devices. However there is a clear need for storage space on the roof in order to be able to effectively use this power. Therefore Böcker offers roof tile fitting platforms and roof stands to fulfill these needs. Made of aluminium, the platforms become extremely lightweight and durable. And as they are mounted directly on the rafter, the foil will not be damaged at all. For the safe and efficient positioningof roof tiles or any other loads, all roof tile fitting platforms are adjustable to the pitch of the roof, so that there is always a horizontal storage space.

Aluminium single-row roof fitting platform

This aluminium roof tile fitting platform is able to pick up a single row of roof tiles up to a maximum load of 200 kg. As a result, roof tile packages can be transported directly to the roof without the need of any transshipping. The assembly of the platform is simple thanks to the low dead weight. Safe storage is ensured as the storage space is adjustable from 0° to 50°. So there is always a horizontal platform on the roof. 

Aluminium double-row roof fitting platform

Thanks to a loading area which is twice as large and an impressive load-bearing capacity of 400 kg, this Böcker aluminium roof tile fitting platform is able to carry two roof tile packages at once. That way, the platform combines the existing strengths with even more capacity and efficiency. It is self-evident that the double-row roof tile fitting platform is equally adjustable from 0° to 50° so that there is always a horizontal storage area on the roof.

Alumnium Roof Tile FittingPlatform DZV 200-F for lifts

Load bearing capacity 200 kg
Dead weight14 kg
Loading area 1,100 x 450 mm

Aluminium Roof Tile Fitting Platform DZV 200 for cranes

Load bearing capacity  200 kg
Dead weight 22 kg
Loading area 1,290 x 415 mm

Aluminium Roof Tile Fitting Platform DZV 400 for cranes

Load bearing capacity 400 kg
Dead weight  39 kg
Loading area 1,290 x 850 mm

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