Accessories & Equipment Accessories and Platforms

Universal Platforms

Böcker Construction Lifts can be equipped with many different load-bearing devices as optional features. The universal platform is as versatile as its name already implies. Beside transporting many different construction materials this platform is particularly appropriate to carry roof tiles. Böcker offers this platform in two different sizes. 

Tile Platform

Beside the universal platforms Böcker construction lifts can also be equipped with further load-bearing devices which have been specifically designed for the transport of roof tiles. The dimensions of the classical tile platform are exactly tailored at the transport requirements of roof tiles.

Tipper and rubble bucket

The combined tipper and rubble bucket is appropriate for the transport of bulk material in particular. In combination with the universal carriage with tipper device, the bucket can be emptied automatically. So it significantly improves the efficiency of bulk material transportation. The bucket is available in two sizes. The compact model with a total capacity of 80 l has been specifically designed for the Toplift construction lift whereas the Junior, the Avario and the HD-K series can be equipped with the large bucket which has a total capacity of 170 l.

Solar plaform and Solar Module Fitting Platform

Beside these classical transport solutions Böcker offers a closed system for the assembly of solar-cell panels. The solar platform ensures safe transportation of the panels to the roof. Rubber rests protect them from being damaged while the clamping device fastens the panels safely to the platform. The solar-cell panels can conveniently be moved on the roof thanks to the solar module fitting platform. It is easily hooked in the aluminium rails of the solar-cell panels and can easily be moved by rolls. 



For more technical information and details please have a look in the respective brochure of each machine.