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Facade and window construction

Safely lifting loads as well as fast and convenient access to the entire exterior of a building when building façades and windows is crucial. At Böcker, we always have a view of the current and future requirements of the façade and window construction sector. It is not a surprise that our cranes, building hoists and rack and pinion lifts get used in numerous façade construction projects. You can get an overview of the machines and equipment we supply to window manufacturers and façade builders on this page and find the ideal crane, hoist or lift for your company today.



High reach with powerful cranes, hoists and lifts from Böcker

Regardless of whether you are building, renovating or insulating a façade – working on the exterior walls of a building means that you need to safely and precisely lift heavy materials to significant heights. Our trailer-mounted crane and trailer crane models are ideally suited to this type of work because, besides their mobility, they convince with payloads of up to 12 tonnes and boom extension lengths of up to 52 metres. The advanced and precise control on these models also makes them indispensable for installing windows and lifting sensitive and fragile components.

Depending on the size of the building and the type of façade construction and window installation job you are working on, you may also need building hoists and rack and pinion hoists to transport your workers and their materials safely and quickly to the job location. The Böcker range of products also offers a large selection of innovative models in this area, ranging from our light and extremely flexible Top-Lift to our Maxi Climber MC 650 two-mast lift, which can transport up to 6 tonnes.

For example, our Junior G scaffolding lift – the most flexible scaffold lift on the market. Our Junior G makes erecting the scaffolding you need for painting, plastering or insulating the façade child's play. Our ALP load lifts are ideal for lifting small components and installing windows indoors or close to the ground.


Well advised, well supported

We would be happy to help you navigate your way through our broad range of products and find the right piece of equipment for your needs. You will also find our extensive range of services available on-site or at one of our nationwide branches.

Did you already find the right product for your needs? Then we look forward to receiving your enquiry.