Truck Cranes

Technical DataAK 37/4000AK 46/6000AK 52 
Gross vehicle weight (t)7.49 / 8.6 (8.8)18 / 2626 / 32 
Payload max. (t)2 (opt. 4)3 (opt. 6)3 (opt. 6 / 12) 
Extension length max. (m)35 (opt. 37)44 (opt. 46)52 (opt. 55) 
Range crane operation    
at 250 kg (m)2838 (39)43 
at 1 t (m)142634 
Range platform operation    
Basket at 100 kg (m)2437.440 

All Truck Cranes at a glance

AK 37 / AK 37e

Technical Data
Extension length max.37 m
Payload max.4,000 kg
Gross vehicle weight7.49 t


  • Remote control with integrated graphic display
  • Closed hybride boom profile


AK 46/6000

Technical Data
Extension length max.46 m
Payload max.6,000 kg
Gross vehicle weight18-26 t


  • Radio-remote control with integrated graphic display
  • Closed aluminium boom profile


AK 52

Technical Data
Extension length max.52 (55) m
Payload max.12,000 kg
Gross vehicle weight26 t/32 t


  • Radio-remote control with full graphic display
  • Closed hybride boom profile


Hiring Böcker truck-mounted cranes

Truck-mounted cranes offer a distinct advantage: Being mounted on a truck they provide a maximum degree of flexibility. Transportation to the job site and the setup is quick and convenient. That is why our truck-mounted cranes are used for roofing and façade work on construction sites every day. Therefore you can of course quickly and easily hire a perfectly maintained Böcker truck-mounted crane from us as well. Select the right model for your site and project, and rely on the proven crane technology from Böcker.



The ideal truck-mounted crane for your needs

Our Crane Hire Service offers three different Böcker truck cranes for hire: The most powerful Böcker truck-mounted crane, mounted on a 18 or 26 tonne truck, can lift a maximum of six tonnes and manage loads of up to 1,000 kg at a range of up to 26 metres in an almost 360 degree working circle. The crane can be fitted with a double fully hydraulic extendible luffing jib if required. In our truck category up to 7.49 tonnes, we can also offer you our AK 37/4000, which can even operate with one-sided support and running traffic thanks to its small swing-through radius.

No matter which model you choose, all our Böcker truck-mounted cranes are equipped with our innovative HBC radio control system, which guarantees optimal handling as well as maximum safety.

Not sure which truck-mounted crane to chose from between two models, or not sure which truck-mounted crane offers you the best added value for the job? Just contact us for advice and we will identify the right product for your needs together. We look forward to receiving your enquiry!