Trailer Crane AHK 30

Greater reach and maximum economic efficiency

To ensure an optimal load distribution as well as good driving characteristics, the Böcker trailer crane AHK 30 is mounted on a chassis with tandem axle. The trailer crane possesses a swivel drawbar with ball clutch or truck coupling. A solid support wheel with additional air wheels enables enhanced manoeuverability even on soft ground. Due to a hydraulic cylinder the double telescopic mast will be errected to approx. 85 degrees. The aluminium mast package is extended like a telescope by a telescopic cylinder and flyer chains. The jib is two times extendible to a length of maximal 9.10 m and could be hydraulically erected to approx. 160 degrees. All crane functions are commanded by a sensible proportional control.

The drive is carried out by a performant Honda petrol engine or optional by a Yanmar Diesel engine both with 15.5 kW or an electric motor with 15 kW. The operator can start and stop the motor via the remote control of the crane. The AHK 30 is equipped with a performant automotive drive as a standard feature. The drive can be controlled also via the remote control. Furthermore, an auto-levelling automatically supporting the machine and an automatic building up are available optionally.

The AHK 30 is equipped with a fully variable support control. Thanks to this control system, all four outriggers can be adjusted individually in different angles at the front (0°/20°/60°) and rear (0°/20°/40°/60°). As a result, operators can adjust the AHK 30 to the given circumstances on-site even more precisely. Particularly on extremely narrow construction sites operations become even more versatile and efficient. The solid hydraulic cylinders with extended stroke enables optimum ground clearance.

Sustainable drive technology

The AHK 30 is optionally available with a fully electric drive - with an electric motor instead of the classic petrol or diesel engine. Particularly in densely populated areas, the low-emission and quiet operation provides excellent advantages. The 400 V drive works as powerfully as usual with an output of 13 kW. Thanks to the adjustable fuse protection, the crane utilises the maximum available current at the construction site at any moment. In order to minimise the energy intake, a sustainable a sustainable stop-and-go-automatic device limits the energy consumption of the hybrid crane. The control system registers movement requirements activating the electric motor only when required. During idle times and waiting times, the automatic system saves valuable resources. In addition, all Böcker cranes use exclusively biodegradable, long-life hydraulic oil of the lowest water pollution class.

  • Electric drive
  • Bio hydraulic oil
  • Stop-and-Go-Automatic
Performance data 
Payload max. (kg)1,500
Extension length max. (m)30.00
Working height jib (m)22.30
Jib extendable (m)4.75 / 7.40 / 9.05
Payload jib (kg) 1,500 / 350 / 250
Main boom angle approx. (degrees)85
Swivel range (degrees) +/- 310 
Jib angle approx. (degrees) 158
Lifting speed (m/min)50
Footprint with outriggers on both sides L x W max. (m)5.40 x 5.40 
Footptint with outriggers on one side L x W (m)   7.30 x 3.75
Vehicle dimensions 
Height (m)2.60
Width (m)2.30
Length (m)9.20
Pulling devicestraight
Range crane operation (m) 
250 kg21.10 
500 kg13.90
800 kg9.50 
1,000 kg8.10
1,500 kg3.60 
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Durability and environmental friendliness

  • Excellent cost efficiency due to low operating and servicing costs
  • Very safe investment due to higher than average value stability and the Böcker guarantee promise
  • Environmentally friendly due to biodegradable hydraulic oil and reduced petrol consumption

The mast and telescope system

  • Precise work thanks to the stability and torsional rigidity of the profiles
  • Sensitive and judder-free telescoping even with high loads and flat mast angles
  • Highest reaches even up to the back of the roof for effective work without having to relocate the crane

The support technology

  • Erection and work in the smallest spaces thanks to fully variable positioning of every individual outrigger
  • Fast and comfortable crane erection thanks to self-levelling* and wireless colour remote control
  • Optimal crane stability and securing of the site
  • Greatest possible ground clearance through the large lift of the Outriggers

The operating concept

  • Particularly intuitive wireless remote control with full colour graphic display
  • Optimal erection without repositioning thanks to the constantly updated reach display
  • Efficient work thanks to concomitant operation of several crane functions
  • Diagnosis function as standard in the display

BICS control

  • The software developed by Böcker warrants greatest possible flexibility and optimised reach in any situation while offering highest possible safety at the same time
  • Several software features create excellent operating comfort both in the fore- and background

The accessories

  • Multiple applications thanks to the large number of accessories on offer for every trade
  • Still exceptional payloads and reaches thanks to the consequent aluminium light-weight construction

The outrigger concept

  • Optimal and comfortable erection thanks to the auto-levelling function*

The drive concept

  • You have the choice: Honda petrol engine, Yanmar diesel engine* (15.5 kW each) or electric motor* (15 kW)
  • Guaranteed lifting of the maximum load through optimal performance take-off
  • Low fuel consumption at constantly high performance in all operating situations
  • Reduced noise emissions thanks to the most up-to-date technology

The manoeuvring concept

  • Optimal distribution of the ground load and safe manoeuvring over obstacles thanks to tandem axle
  • Axles are guaranteed not to be overloaded
  • Sensitive control of the manoeuvring drive for narrowest gateways
  • Mastering inclines of up to 25 %
  • Interlocking drive prevents increased tyre wear

*optionally available

  • Tile Fitting Platforms

    Roof Tile Fitting Platforms

  • Roof Tile Tongs

    Fast and efficient transport of roof tiles

  • Tipper Basket

    Leightweight and efficient