Telescopic platforms

Technical dataRB 1000 HaulotteRB 1010 HaulotteRB 1100 SkyjackRB 120 IP HaulotteRB 123 Kette AichiRB 142 EK JLGRB 150 IP HaulotteRB 154 EK JLGRB 160 TB Aichi
Work height max. (m)10.0010.1010.1012.0014.0014.2015.0015.5415.60
Payload max. (kg)200200200230250230230230250
Deadweight (kg)2,6773,3003,3005,9007,6506,8507,3006,6908,200

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Technical data
Work height max.15.60 m
Payload max.250 kg
Deadweight max.8,800 kg


  • Telescopic Platforms
  • Battery driven


Hiring Böcker telescopic platforms

Telescopic platforms are a frequent requirement in the event technology and trade sectors. They are indispensable, especially when work needs to be carried out on high ceilings, exterior walls, overhead lines or even for trimming trees. High spots can be reached quickly and easily and thanks to their robust work cages they are also particularly safe. Despite this our telescopic platforms still offer your workers enough room to move.


Our Böcker Hire Service offers you both telescopic and articulated telescopic platforms for hire – gladly for longer periods as well. All our hire models are subjected to regular maintenance and service.


Our work platforms take you right to the top

You can choose between numerous models when hiring our telescopic platforms. Not only can they reach working heights of up to 16 metres, they also score highly with their maximum payload of 250 kg. Non of our models require additional supports and all can be controlled easily from the cage. Therefore all you need to do is move the platform to whatever location you need on the construction site.

Both their on-site set up and operation are child's play and can be performed in a moment. Some of our work platforms are even equipped with four-wheel drive and off-road tyres for outdoor use. Our extremely versatile articulated telescopic work platforms offer even more flexibility during use.

Have we managed to arouse your interest? Then send us your no-obligation enquiry today. One of our hire service staff will contact you as soon as possible to help you find the right product for your needs.