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Technical Data
Extension length max.23.7 m
Payload max.250 kg
Gross vehicle weight750 - 1,200 kg


  • Fits even through a standard door
  • Petrol engine or electric motor



Technical Data
Extension length max.55 m
Payload max.400 kg
Gross vehicle weight3.5- 8.5 t


  • Powerful engines
  • Hydraulic supports


Hiring Böcker construction hoists

An inclined construction hoist is indispensable when working on roofs or erecting scaffolding. Böcker construction hoists are also perfect for easily transporting heavy and bulky building materials.


If you only occasionally need an inclined lift, we recommend hiring one of our high-quality and reliable Böcker construction hoists. This will allow you to benefit from the proven performance and efficiency of our original manufacturer's products, without having to make a major investment.


Maximum safety and performance

Our Hire Service offers you a variety of lift and hoist models that are suitable for every use. If you want to hire a light-weight and easy-to-set up roofer's hoist, we recommend our flexible Top Lift ladder lift with uni-platform, which can lift any material safely to significant heights, be it roof tiles, solar modules or even glass.

You can also hire our space-saving Junior trailer lift, or powerful and compact Arriva HD-K trailer lift. They all come with an integrated knee joint, which allows easy transportation of bricks and tiles over the eaves and roof ridge on any pitched roof.

All of our products are extensively tested and maintained to guarantee their safety and functioning before we hand them over to you. Would you like to hire a Böcker inclined construction lift? Then find out more about the options open to you today! Our team will be happy to advise you in any way in order to help you find the right building lift for your requirements!