All ALP-Personnel-Lifts at a glance


Technical data
Working height max.12.75 m
Payload115 kg
Dead weight385 kg
Application areainside, outside



Technical data
Working height max.10.80 m
Payload 140 kg
Dead weight814 kg
Application areainside


UNI-Lift PHC 1000 EU

Technical Data
Working height max.10.50 m
Payload140 kg
Dead weight218 kg
Application areainside


Rent ALP Personnel Lifts

Did you know that ladders are responsible for around 26,000 accidents in the economy every year? Resort to using powerful professional devices to minimise such risk factors on private and commercial construction sites. The use of an ALP-Personnel-Lift not only minimises the risk of accident during facade, repair, maintenance or cleaning work, it also facilitates the amount of work for you and your employees. Furthermore, a Böcker lift can be easily assembled and used for various different situations.

Is a permanent purchase not worthwhile? Thanks to our lift rental service, you can benefit from the advantages of our powerful models all around the country without having to bear the costs for procurement and warehouse charges. In addition, depending on the situation, you can select different models from our catalogue and adapt to the prevailing conditions in a flexible and cost-effective manner.


The perfect model for your use

Depending on whether you would like to use the lift outside or inside, in a confined room or stairs, we will offer you the perfect model for rent. Our powerful PH personnel lift and its compact little brother PHC can be used both inside and outside and can lift up to 140 kg to a height of up to 14 m. Our ALP-Lift PHC-HI is best suited for spatially restricted applications, which does not require a boom thanks to its integrated lift truck. Ceiling work in cinemas, auditoriums or theatre halls can be safely and quickly completed with our UNI lift PHC 1000 EU.

You are not sure what model is right for you and would like to find out more information about the advantages and areas of application of our personnel lifts? Let us advise you free of charge - we look forward to your enquiry!