Technical DataML 350LMC 450LMC 500LM 600 WLM 600LM 620 S4LM 750 S4LMX 500LH 620 S4LH 750
Construction height max. (m)3.374.735.
Payload max. (kg)100250250300300300300500300300
Lifting height max. (m)1.001.891.641.891.881.882.201.971.882.20
Application areasinsideinside, outsideinside, outsideinside, outsideinside, outsideinside, outsideinside, outsideinside, outsideinside, outsideinside, outside

All ALP-Material-Lifts at a glance

Böcker ALP Montage Lift LMS


Technical Data
Lifting height max.7,49 m
Payload300 kg
Construction height2,20 kg
Dead weight185 kg



Technical Data
Lifting height max3.37 m
Payload100 kg
Construction height1.00 m
Dead weight39 kg



Technical Data
Lifting height max.4.73 - 5.07 m
Payload250 kg
Construction height1.64 - 1.89 m
Dead weight121 - 134 kg



Technical Data
Lifting height max.4.80 m
Payload500 kg
Construction height1.97 m
Dead weight205 kg



Technical Data
Lifting height max.6.20 - 7.47 m
Payload300 kg
Construction height1.88 - 2.20 m
Dead weight239 - 255 kg



Technical Data
Lifting height max.6.21 m
Payload300 kg
Construction height1.89 kg
Dead weight195 kg


Renting ALP Material Lifts

Whether in the commercial or private sector: Mounting signs, lamps or air conditioning systems on ceilings and walls is not just tiring, it also bears numerous risks. Protect yourself from these risk by renting an ALP lift: Mounting that is accurate to the millimetre can take place within the shortest amount of time without much effort and all risks caused by tilting ladders and sliding loads are excluded from the very start.
Do you only need to use the device occasionally? In this case, our national rental service may be the right option for you! Benefit from our technical expertise and the numerous advantages of our powerful Böcker lifts at short notice.


Any form of assembly with the ALP-Lift becomes as easy as child’s play.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a very compact, strong or flexible model, you will definitely find what you are looking for in our range: Starting with our classic products with hand winches (LMC and LM models) through to lifts of the LH and LE models that are equipped with powerful motors and our highly flexible featherweight ALP-Material-Lift ML, our models offer all characteristics required for quick, safe and precise work. Thanks to the low transport dimensions each lift can be transported to its place of installation in no time and it can be set up in just a few steps. All products in our portfolio are manufactured in Germany and delivered to you in a perfectly maintained condition.

Are you unsure about which model to pick? Let us advise you - we look forward to your enquiry!