Böcker goes Green

Sustainable cranes and lifts with hybrid, electric and battery drives

No matter whether the emission of emissions is reduced or the consumption of resources is reduced: Böcker attaches great importance to environmental protection. Therefore, we continuously invest in a sustainable future and develop cranes and elevators with environmentally friendly technology.

We have the drive, you have the choice!

  • Hybrid with an electric motor as additional drive 
  • Electric with a pure electric motor
  • Battery with an electric motor and 230 V charging technology 


Böcker Crane Technology

Powerful and low emission at the same time

Böcker cranes do not only increase the performance on the construction site, but also score in terms of sustainability. In this context, we mainly focused on the reduction of CO2 emissions by means of environmentally friendly electric drives. The advantages of low-emission and low-noise crane or platform operation are particularly evident in densely populated areas with high air pollution. Electric drives are also a must for operations in enclosed spaces. The electric drives work as powerfully as usual, so that several crane functions can still be performed simultaneously. The AHK 36e and AHK 30e KS battery-powered trailer cranes combine the electric motor with an energy storage unit, offer maximum flexibility thanks to 230 V charging technology, and facilitate the choice of location in places without a power connection.

  • Hybrid cranes with powerful electric motor that uses the maximum available power on the construction site
  • Battery-powered trailer cranes with 230 V charging technology for self-sufficient work, charging and operation at the household power socket
  • eReady-Kit as preparation for later retrofitting of the electric drive system
  • Stop-and-Go-Automatic minimizes energy consumption and limits power consumption
  • State-of-the-art engine technology, exhaust gas cleaning and AdBlue injection of the trucks
  • Biodegradable, long-life hydraulic oil of the lowest water hazard class


Böcker lift technology

Environmentally friendly operation

Böcker furniture and inclined lifts are also pioneers when it comes to sustainability. The battery-powered inclined lift Junior 24e with electric motor and state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technology can be installed and operated practically anywhere. As a hybrid model with an additional electric motor, the Agilo truck-mounted furniture elevator and almost all inclined lifts protect the environment on a daily basis. This is an enormous plus point, especially when operating in city centers. Some lifts also operate completely electrically and have an electric motor in the electric version instead of the classic gasoline engine.

  • Hybrid lifts with powerful electric motor and 230 V charging technology
  • Battery-powered inclined lift with 230 V charging technology for flexible setup and charging during operation
  • Low fuel and oil consumption with high combustion efficiency of Honda internal combustion engines meets strictest emission regulations
  • Stop-and-Go-Automatic minimizes energy consumption and limits power consumption


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