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Inclined lifts and trailer cranes


Böcker is a German-based, family-run company that has been dedicated to developing, designing and manufacturing lifting solutions since 1958. Although we are proud of our successful history and maintain traditional values like strong dedication to quality and workmanship, our daily motivation is to build and deliver state-of-the-art machines. Our experience shows that we are the innovation and quality leader in our industry.

Apart from our inclined hoists like the Top-Lift and Simply that made us famous all over Europe, we also offer a range of trailer mounted cranes. We are now starting to promote our products in the USA. If you are interested in learning more about our company and machines, we would welcome you to join us at the International Roofing Expo in Nashville or at the bauma in Munich. We are currently building up a distribution and service network in the USA which will allow us to visit you for demonstrations after the show. Currently our US distributor for the New England States is Innovativ Hoisting LLC.

We are looking forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming trade shows:

IRE, Nashville Tennessee (USA)
11. - 13. February 2019
Booth 1557
bauma, Munich (D)
08. - 14. April 2019
Open area, booth FS.1203/2


Trailer Crane AHK 30/1500

High reach and value

AHK 30/1500 trailer crane

Outstanding reach due to the double telescopic boom and the double extendible jib

Ranges up to 69 ft with 551 lbs

The aluminium boom package is extended by a telescopic cylinder and flyer chains

Robust, compact radio remote control for controlling all functions

Optionally with petrol, diesel or electric motor

Easy access to all maintenance-relevant components

LED strobes on the outriggers

Patented outrigger locking device

Optional manoeuvring drive to be operated via radio remote control

Technical Data

Payload max.3306 lbs
Extension length max.98 ft
Working height jib73 ft
Jib extendible16 / 24 / 30 ft
Payload jib3306 / 771 / 551 lbs
Lifting speed50 m/min164 ft/min
Height9 ft
Width 8 ft
Length 30 ft
Range crane operation551 lbs 69 ft
1102 lbs 46 ft
1763 lbs 31 ft
2204 lbs 27 ft
3306 lbs 12 ft

The AHK 30/1500 is a trailer-mounted crane that allows to lift loads up to 3300 lbs. Its boom is equipped with hydraulic fly-jib which extends the crane’s boom length to 98 ft. To improve the flexibility on site, the machine is completely controlled by a remote-control. It can be positioned by its own maneuvering drive and has a variable outrigger system. The customer can choose between a gasoline, diesel or electric motor which all allow lifting speeds of up to 165 ft./min.     

Inclined Lift Simply

Compact, efficient and affordable

Simply inclined trailer-mounted hoist

The Simply lifts max. 551 lbs payload to max. 68 ft conveying height

Low space requirement thanks to footprint of only 50 ft²

Easy levelling thanks to extendable crank outriggers

Easy levelling thanks to extendable crank outriggers

The endless turntable allows 360° working radius

Great compactness thanks to the square chassis

Galvanized crank outriggers, which slide in for transport

Foldable drawbar, convertible without tools

Adjustable crown wheels

5,5 V Honda petrol engine

Technical Data

Payload551 lbs
Gross vehicle weight 1653 lbs
Extandible from - to17 - 68 ft
Lift length19 ft
Lift width5 ft
Lift height without platform5 ft
Floor space 7 x 8 ft
Drive 5,5 hp gasoline engine

The Simply is a trailer-mounted inclined hoist that comes on a light 1650 lbs chassis. It is equipped with a powerful Honda gasoline engine that powers the unit to erect, extend and lift loads hydraulically. Depending on the conditions on-site, the Simply can lift up to 550 lbs up to a height of 69 ft. Due to its’ small footprint of appx. 50 sq.ft., the Simply is the perfect lifting solution for narrow and tight spaces and a perfect alternative to heavy and bulky lifting-equipment like telehandlers, forklifts or conveyor belts.

Inclined Lift Top-Lift

Unrivaled versatility

Top-Lift inclined ladder lift

Practical installation of the unit from the front

Transport system for the transport of solar modules

Large selection of different load handling attachments

The travelling and tilting carriage enables the upper and lower emptying of the bucket by tipping

Solar platform

Knee-piece for easy load transport up to the roof

Technical Data

Payload330 lbs
Hoisting speed82 ft
Hoisting height max 65 ft
Cable length144 ft
Cable diametre0,19 in
Voltage110 V / 60 Hz
Control voltage24 V
Weight of drive unit115 lbs

The Top-Lift is our entry-level inclined hoist that can be transported with any kind of truck or van. It’s a plug-in electric solution that is based on a light weight aluminum ladder-system. The ladder, drive unit and carriage can be built-up under ten minutes which allows the unit to be operational very quickly. The Top-Lift has a maximum payload of 330 lbs and lifting heights of up to 65 ft. To suit as many needs as possible, it can be equipped with a vast number of different platforms and accessories, such as a universal-, solar-, sheet or panel-platform or a self-dumping bucket.