Industrial Lift Service-Lift

Böcker Service-Lift as a stationary industrial lift

The Böcker Service-Lift is the ideal lift for all stationary operations. Having a maximum lifting height of 200 m (higher upon request) and total capacity between 240 and 2,500 kg or 3 to 33 persons respectively, the lift is virtually an all-purpose solution. And due to the durable, solid design in outdoor technology the Service-Lift is likewise appropriate for ambitious projects in the most different industrial facilities.

The drive is either effected via frequency-controlled or directly switched drive units. At the same time two powerful drive units ensure highest running smoothness as well as low wear and tear. Furthermore the whole drive system works extremely cost- and energy-efficient.

The Service-Lift is available with several different cabin sizes which ensure an ideal adaption to various operations. Starting with a compact cabin for up to three persons up to a large cabin with enough space for 33 persons, each lift can be turned into a tailor-made solution for the operations on-site. Böcker Service-lifts are in successful operation all over the world. Thanks to awesome performance as well as superior adaptability these permanent lifts are suitable even for extremely challenging projects.

In the challenging every-day works, the Service-Lift impresses by convenient and efficient control technology. The sophisticated microprocessor control ensures short maintenance times and surpassing operational safety. The control panel with floor and direction indicator can equally be found in modern hotel lifts. In addition to that, the integrated emergency-call unit ensures maximum safety. The SERVICE-Lift is also equipped with a sophisticated operating-data management for quick and simple readout of all protocols. Of course, the Böcker Service-lifts meet several international standard (ANSME / CSA / SELO etc.). There are even explosion-proof models available.

Drive unit

  • Either frequency controlled or directly switched drive units for high lifting speeds
  • Evenly spread power by up to two drive units, thus smooth acceleration and stppage 
  • Extremely cost- and energy-effective in combination and simultaneously maximum efficiency
  • First-class components ensure long service life and maximum operational safety
  • Cost-effective permanent lubrication ensures minimum wear and tear on rack and pinion
  • Economical operation thanks to low maintenance costs


  • Cabin length and width variable upon requirement
  • Cabin made of weather-proof plastic; second door upon request
  • Accessible roof with raiing and exit ladder
  • Easily accissible roof woth railing and exit ladder components
  • Tandem rollers for maximum running smoothness


  • Microprocessor control unit in outdoor quality ensures low waiting times and maximum safety
  • Robust control cabinet in stainless-steel design for challenging areas of application
  • Convenient control panel with floor and direction indicator like in modern hotel lifts
  • Integrated emergency-call unit
  • Modern working data management to extract failure protocols

Landing control

  • Landing gate with automatic door locking system
  • Landing control in robust and weather-proof design
  • Base enclosure with access gate available upon request
  • Mechanical locking for maximum safety
  • Door locking electronically monitored

Further advantages

  • Adjustable lifting carriage for vertical operation can also be used for inclinations up to 15° if required
  • Galvanized masts ensure maximum durability even for challenging projects
  • Fast replacement of components due to utilisation of plug-in connections
  • Qualified research and development team develops tailor-made lifting solutions even for extremely challenging areas of application