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The famous Böcker lift with knee joint

Ever since, the integrated knee joint of the HD-K series has been the most distinctive feature of these lifts. It is infinitely variable between 20° and 45° in order to lift up construction materials onto pitched roofs without any problems. Having a maximum lifting height of up to 36 metres, hardly any roof is too high. Thanks to a maximum payload of 270 kg, you will not have to face any unexpected surprises during your daily work. The models of the HD-K series reach carriage speeds of up to 60 m/min and therefore ensure quick working on-site.

Of course, HD-K lifts benefit significantly from the long-lasting experience of Böcker in the field of construction lift technology. Like no other lift, these models have been continuously modified and offer an unsurpassed combination of durability and sophisticated technology. The robust design and the wear-resistant components turn the HD-K into an honest partner which ensures maximum reliability in the everyday-work on construction sites.

Model HD 26K / 1-5 HD 31K / 1- 6 HD 36K / 1-7
Payload 270 kg 270 kg 270 kg
Average speed of carriage 60 m/min 60 m/min 60 m/min
Vehicle length 9,200 mm 9,400 mm 9,600 mm
Vehicle width 1,650 mm 1,650 mm 1,780 mm
Length of rail package 7,520 mm 7,800 mm 7,750 mm
Extendable from – to 7.5 - 26.8 m 7.8 - 31.5 m 7.7 - 36.1 m
Length up to the cullis  20.6 m 25.3 m 29.9 m
Gross vehicle weight 1,800 kg* 1,800 kg* 2,240 kg*

*2.300 kg with manoeuvring drive and wheels 215/75 R 16 C

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All advantages at a glance

  • The solid construction and the low-wearly constructed components guarantee the almost legendary longevity of all Böcker inclined construction lifts 
  • With a lifting speed of up to 60 m / min and lifting heights of up to 36 m Böcker construction lifts ensure maximum efficiency and economy
  • The large range of variety of devices allows a device selection in dependance of the intended purpose
  • Tailor-made acessoiries and load bearig devices enlarge the use of Böcker construction lifts for nearly all intended purposes
  • Continuous development and careful product care always ensure the decisive advantage to the current technology status 
  • Chassis made of a high-tensile fine-grained steel, endurance test of 100,000 km passed successfully
  • Integrated lights with additional stop and rear lights at the rail package  
  • Swivel stabalizers serve as a side guard   
  • Accessories and Platforms

  • Tile Fitting Platforms

    Roof Tile Fitting Platforms