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Inclined Lift Junior

The compact classic

The Böcker Junior Construction Lift is the result of long-lasting experience in the field of lift technology. The compact construction lift has been designed for operation on narrow construction sites in particular. Nowadays, many classical construction lifts are oversized as there is hardly any space on construction sites especially in crowded cities. Renovation works in small lanes of the old towns are equally challenging. The Böcker Junior Construction Lifts are tailor-made solutions to these obstacles. Due to the compact dimensions and the minimum required space, these lifts are always the right choice if construction sites are extremely narrow. And thanks to the low dead weight, the construction lift may be towed by almost any passenger car.

Minimum required space with strong peformance data

The Junior is equipped with retractable axles. Having a manoeuvring width of less than 1 metre, these lifts even fit through a standard-sized door. And if tasks should become extremely narrow and challenging, the tow bar can be retracted as well. Despite its compact design, the Junior still impresses with strong performance data. Carriage speeds of up to 48 m/min and a maximum payload of 250 kg ensure efficient work operations and outstanding performance. The product line starts with the HD 18/0-5 and a maximum lifting height of 18 metres whereas the HD 24/0-7 with 24 metres maximum lifting height is the top model of this series.

Junior HD 24 K with integrated knee joint

Böcker recently launched the brand-new Junior construction lift HD 24 K/0-7. By this new model, the integrated knee joint which has been very popular among Böcker construction lifts over the past decades, is finally introduced to the company’s compact lift series. It provides customers with even more efficiency and operational convenience as there is no need for manual assembly anymore. Furthermore the knee joint can be extended mechanically. Thanks to the enormous adjusting range from 0° to 44° optimal adjustment to virtually any inclined roof is easily possible.


Overview Junior up to 750 kg

ModelHD 18/0-5HD 18/0-5HD 21/0-6
Gross vehicle weight 750 kg 750 kg 750 kg
Driving license class B B B
Payload 250 kg 250 kg 250 kg
Extendible from – to 4.0 – 17.8 m 4.1 – 17.8 m 4.1 – 20.9 m
Manoeuvring length 4,090 mm 4,165 mm 4,165 mm
Transport length 4,890 mm 4,900 mm 4,900 mm
Manoeuvring width* 870 mm 890 mm 890 mm
Transport width* 1,299 mm 1,299 mm 1,299 mm
Length of rail package  4,005 mm 4,005 mm 4,060 mm
Track width  540 mm 540 mm 540 mm

Overview Junior up to 1,200 kg

Model HD 18/0-5 HD 21/0-6 HD 24/0-7 HD 24 K/0-7 
Gross vehicle weight 1,200 kg 1,200 kg 1,200 kg 1,200 kg 
Driving license class B/B96/BE B/B96/BE B/B96/BE B/B96/BE 
Payload  250 kg 250 kg 250 kg 250 kg 
Extendible from - to 4.1 – 17.8 m 4.1 – 20.9 m 4.1 – 23.7 m 4.1 – 20 m fully straight 
Length up to eaves ./. ./. ./. 18.0 m with inclination 
Lengh on roof ./. ./. ./. 5.8 m 
Manoeuvring length  4,165 mm 4,165 mm 4,165 mm 4,240 mm 
Transport length 4,900 mm 4,900 mm 4,900 mm 5,200 mm 
Manoevring width* 890 mm 890 mm 890 mm 890 mm 
Transport width* 1,299 mm 1,299 mm 1,299 mm 1,299 mm 
Length of rail package 4,005 mm  4,060 mm 4,115 mm 4,072 mm 
Track width 540 mm 540 mm 540 mm 540 mm

* Special equioment / Width with standard axle 1,270 mm
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